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Preparing your outdoor space for this Christmas Season By Charlie Albone

Charlie Image2 1The Christmas season is here and whether you are planning on hosting a family gathering or simply wanting to enjoy the festive season outdoors, it is the perfect time to get your garden into shape.


Here are some tips to help you create a merry and bright outdoor space:



Cleaning Outdoor

To start your garden transformation, it’s time for a comprehensive clean-up.

Many of us have accumulated a collection of items in our backyards over the years. Decide what to keep and store neatly, what to discard, and what you might consider giving away. Clearing away all the clutter from your garden instantly imparts a sense of cleanliness and gives it a more polished appearance.

Don’t forget the outdoor furniture either; a good cleaning and scrub will work wonders, instantly elevating the overall appearance of your outdoor space.

Taking these steps now means you’ll only need to perform a minor touch-up just before your guests arrive. They’ll be astounded at how you managed to make your garden look so spectacular with seemingly minimal effort.

Also trim all the hedges and apply Richgro Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker to every corner of your garden, pots, and lawn to get it ready for the Summer heat.



PetuniaEarly December offers an ideal window to carefully remove spent blooms from your garden. This practice encourages fresh flowers to blossom, and with a well-planned feeding routine, you can orchestrate a perfectly timed blooming garden. Applying the right fertiliser now ensures your garden will be in pristine condition come Christmas.

Use specialised fertilisers like Richgro Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food, Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food, or Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food. These formulations provide the necessary nutrients for your garden’s showstoppers to flourish.

Apply the granular versions now, and then, two weeks before Christmas, switch to the liquid form for an instant boost. Your garden will be a true Christmas spectacle!



Charlie WeedingWeeds can ruin the look of your garden. They also compete with your other plants for essential resources like nutrients, water, and space.

Start by hand-pulling any weeds that have intertwined with your other plants, ensuring their complete removal. For larger areas overrun by weeds, use Richgro Natural Beat-A-Weed, a safe and efficient natural weed spray that swiftly knocks them down. It works by dehydrating the unwanted plants, burning it from the top down. Results are seen as browning and wilting of the plant and can be seen within hours of application.



MulchMulch has a huge impact on the look of your garden beds. Mulch will reduce weeds, improve soil structure as it naturally breaks down and assist your garden through stressful summer months.

By retaining moisture in the soil, mulch plays a vital role in preventing soil from drying out, which is especially important during hot weather. This moisture retention ensures that your plants remain hydrated for longer periods.

In addition to its water-saving properties, mulch also enhances drainage. It facilitates the proper circulation of air and water, allowing your plants to thrive.

Furthermore, mulch aids in the delivery of essential nutrients to the soil, promoting healthy plant growth. Opting for a natural mulch high in organic matter such as Richgro Pinebark Mulch is an excellent choice.



Lawn Mower Gf44Ede449 1920It’s time to turn your focus to the lawn; it could use some care. Begin by giving it a mow, making sure to trim the edges neatly. During the summer, the essential strategy for mowing your lawn is to schedule your mowing sessions during the cooler parts of the day. Consistency is the key. Regular mowing helps you stay ahead of the leaf growth, preventing the need to cut too much at once. It’s important to avoid removing more than one-third of the leaf at a time, as doing so would place undue stress on the grass roots.

Afterward, apply Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker along with a quality lawn fertiliser. Ezi-Wet plays a crucial role in ensuring that the fertiliser is absorbed rapidly and efficiently by the soil. Additionally, applying a soil wetter is vital to facilitate the efficient delivery of water to the roots, where it’s most needed for optimal growth.



Christmas Flower 2023Now to add the vibe to your garden!

Create a Christmas atmosphere in your garden by adding in some Christmas colour. Consider adding red and white flowering annuals to infuse your garden with a vibrant holiday vibe. Varieties like Petunia, Alyssum, or Salvia are wonderful options. Keep in mind that many flowering annuals may require up to 12 weeks to reach full maturity and start blooming.

If time is running short, opt for “potted colour,” which consists of established plants. You can pot them into larger containers or plant them in the ground, creating attractive borders or extensive mass plantings. To encourage faster growth and a profusion of blooms, nourish your flowering plants with Richgro Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food Liquid.

Indoors, Poinsettias can serve as cheerful table decorations. Once the Christmas festivities come to a close, you can choose to keep them in a pot or transplant them to a sheltered and shaded spot in your garden.