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Preparing your garden for the winter ahead by Charlie Albone

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As winter approaches and temperatures begin to decrease, it’s important to prepare our gardens for the cold mornings and rainy days ahead.

With the right preparation, you can ensure your garden stays healthy and vibrant throughout winter and lay the groundwork for a successful growing season come spring.

Here are some of my essential winter gardening tips to prepare your garden for the months ahead:

Feed Your Winter Vegetables 

Untitled Design 462If you planted your winter veggie patch last month, your vegetables will still be growing strong.

Ensure you supplement these heavy feeders with Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Liquid Food applied every 10-14 days.It is rapidly absorbed through the leaves and roots, delivering a fast-acting dose of essential nutrients and high in Potash to produce plentiful vegetables plus added iron and trace elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.


Lawn Care

Summer Garden Hi Res

Your lawns take a battering during the heat of Summer, so Autumn is the perfect time to give them some love and attention in preparation for winter. Give your lawn a good clean up by gathering fallen leaves, twigs and branches and dispose of them in your compost bin. An essential part of lawn care is taking some time to aerate your lawn, this can be done with an aerating fork or just a simple garden fork. By aerating the lawn, you are de-compacting it whilst improving soil structure by creating fractures that allow better root growth, water penetration and oxygen down to the roots.

Top dress with an 80/20 or straight sand mix.

This will fill the holes but maintain the air you worked so hard to achieve through the soil. You can also use the top dress to level out any uneven spots on the surface and apply a slow-release fertiliser to boost the health of your soil. This helps your lawn keep its colour before the cooler weather arrives.

Finish with an application of Richgro EZI-WET Soil Soaker. EZI-WET is available in both granular and liquids form. The granular formula can be spread everywhere by hand or spreader, making it easier to treat large areas quickly and effectively. While with the Ready-to-use Hose on all you must do is click it onto the end of the hose and start spraying. Make sure to wash off any residual with water. EZI-WET can be used on gardens, on lawns, edibles and in pots.

Weed Care


Controlling weeds now is a preventative measure ahead of the full growth in early Spring. When you are in the garden, spend a little time pulling out by hand any weeds that have started to shoot. I find it’s a great way to relax, and spending a little time each day, makes staying on top of your weeds much more manageable.

For persistent weeds or those with a large tap root, hit them with Richgro Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller before they can set seed to break the lifecycle. A second application may be required two weeks after the first hit.



Mulch RakeBefore the cooler weather sets in, check that all your garden beds are mulched to maintain soil warmth and plant growth.

Mulch acts as an insulating blanket that provides a protective barrier between the soil and the air, thereby protecting plants from temperature extremes.

For best results, apply Richgro Natural Pinebark Mulch to a depth of 50-75mm or until area appears neat and well covered across your garden.




Lawn Mower Gf44Ede449 1920Autumn is an ideal time to provide your tools with some maintenance. Clean the air and oil filters in petrol-powered tools like lawn mowers and sharpen the blades of hedge shears and secateurs. Additionally, before winter arrives, it is wise to remove any grime or dried sap from all your tools to prevent corrosion during the colder months.

If storing batteries over the cooler periods, charge them to ¾ full then remove them from the charger before keeping them on a dry shelf.


Happy Gardening.