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Keep your garden happy in Summer by Charlie Albone

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­­January is one of the hottest months in Summer. It’s all about protecting your garden from the harsh sun and hot temperature, and keeping it hydrated. It is also the best time to pause, reflect and gather ideas for a year of amazing gardening ahead.


1. Make sure your lawn thrives

Charlie Ezi Wet WebMake sure your lawn thrives during the hot months, using as little water as possible. Aerate your lawns to ensure proper water and fertiliser penetration.

If you find water beading and running off the soil surface, use Richgro’s Ezi Wet Soil Soaker to help break down the waxy coating in hydrophobic or compacted soil. Simply use a garden fork to create holes and use Ezi Wet in liquid or granulated form.


2. Top up your mulch

Mulch RakeTop up Richgro’s Natural Pinebark Mulch on everything in your garden to insulate the soil, reduce weed growth, and retain soil moisture.

Not only mulching will help protect the plant’s roots from extreme heat, but it will help with moisture retention and decrease the amount of watering required.


3. Care for your roses

Flowers G887686124 1920

Now is a good time to prune your roses after they have finished flowering to assist in repeat flowering, and to maintain the shape of the plant. You are aiming for an open vase shape to reduce humidity around the leaves and therefore prevent black spot and fungal issues.

While you are at it, feed your roses with Richgro’s Black Marvel Rose and Flower liquid food. Shallow-rooted plants such as roses and camellias need more frequent watering in dry and hot conditions, so a dose of EZI Wet Soil Soaker will not only leave your roses looking great, but healthy and hydrated as well.


4. Attract bees and pollinators to your garden

Bee G2Cbf15D37 1920It is a good idea to plant a few flowers among your vegies to help lure pollinating insects. Yellow, Blue and Purple plants are good for attracting bees. Plants such as Sage, Borage and Sunflower are excellent choices. Think about creating open landing pads with other flowers, such as daisies, to get all sorts of insects to your patch.

Find out more about Attracting bees and pollinators into your garden.


5. Take care of your trees

Palm Trees G7D8C721Ea 1920Take care of your fruit trees by removing a third of developing fruits to increase fruit size and decrease diseases. Remove dangerous dead branches from trees and dead leaves from tropical plants such as Palms.



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