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2nd September 2019

• Richgro expands popular Black Marvel premium plant food range
• Fast-acting iron, high nitrogen levels and a potash boost delivered in liquid form gives plants a rapid boost

Whether you’re yearning for abundant and aromatic fruit trees or bigger and brighter blooms a new secret weapon is hitting shelves around the country, in the shape of Black Marvel Liquid Plant Food.
Absorbed and metabolised through the leaves and roots, this liquid formulation will deliver a fast-acting dose of essential nutrients enabling your plants to thrive during peak growing season.

Bm Rose Liquid2020Packed full of a tried-and-tested balance of nitrogen, potash and iron, Black Marvel supports even growth; glossier green foliage; eye-catching flowers and juicer fruit – everything a home-gardener wants.

Just like the popular Black Marvel granular style, which has been in the market for over a decade, there is one specifically designed for roses and other flowering plants and another with a balance well-suited to heavy-feeders such as citrus and other fruit trees.

Gardening enthusiasts can choose between a great-value 1 litre concentrate which provides 450sqm coverage and the convenience of a ready-to-use 2 litre style that simply clicks into a hose, providing 150sqm coverage.

Bm Fruit Liquid2020On/Off Cap – a must for water-conscious gardeners
These caps have a two-tier system enabling users to control the flow meaning less product and water is wasted.
Simply clip the hose on, turn on the water and control the water flow with a twist. Choose when to fertilise by using the black switch to turn on/off the flow of fertiliser.
The hose-on spray bottle is refillable too – all you need to do is mix 500ml of concentrate with 1.5 litres of water.

Supercharge your growth potential
Combine the two Black Marvel fertiliser formulations, liquid and granules, to really bring your garden to life.
Richgro recommends that during growing season (typically spring) the liquid is applied every 1-2 weeks, while the slow-release granules should be applied every 8 weeks. In fruiting and flowering season the liquid can be used every 4 weeks to give an added boost.

New Black Marvel products
Concentrate – Rose and Flowers (1 Litre) 
Concentrate – Fruit and Citrus (1 Litre) 
Hose on with ON/Off Cap – Rose and Flowers (2 Litre) 
Hose on with ON/Off Cap – Fruit and Citrus (2 Litre) 

Available exclusively in Bunnings from this September.