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Best gardening gift ideas for Mother’s Day

There is no such thing as the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift—only the gift that’s perfect for your mum. Whether your mum is a beginner in the garden or has years of experience these thoughtful and personal gift ideas are sure to delight any gardening mum.


Indoor Plants

Indoor 350X229 1 1Though flowers are always a lovely gesture for Mother’s Day, why not give something that will last. Adding plants to indoor spaces not only improves the space visually, but research shows that indoor plants also reduce stress levels and lowers blood pressure, improving our moods and more.


Gardening tools

Mothers Day Gift ToolsMaybe there’s a tool that your mum has been talking about, or maybe she doesn’t know she needs it yet – but, either way, gardening tools make great Mother’s Day gifts.

If you’re unsure of what kind of tool your mum needs, you can do a little snooping. Go to where she keeps her gardening tools and see what she is missing or see what could be updated. Whether she’s in need of an edge trimmer, or her spade is looking a little shabby, you’ll know what to get her by snooping around the gardening shed.


Soil and Potting Mix

PottingIt’ll sound a bit funny when you tell your friends that you bought Mum a few bags of dirt for Mother’s Day, but soil and potting mix are incredibly practical gifts. For one, you can never have enough soil and potting mix, so it’ll never go unappreciated. And secondly, those big, heavy bags are a burden for your mum to cart around, so it’s nice of you to take care of the labour for her.

Check out the top-quality mixes and fertilisers from Richgro. If your mum is particularly proud of her rose bushes, then Black Marvel Rose Food is a perfect gift, or if she’s more into growing fruit, then try this Black Marvel Fruit and Citrus Food.



GumbootsGumboots are the ultimate wet weather companion and they come in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit every mum’s style. Keep her feet cosy and dry in a pair of waterproof garden shoes: gumboots will enable your mum to slosh through the water while her feet stay toasty and dry.


Seed Storage Box

Seed Storage BoxIf your mum is in need of a seedbox to store and separate her flower seeds from her vegie seeds, then a seed storage box would make a perfect gift.

They are a handy way to store seeds, and you can even personalise them too.



Want more options for gardening gifts this Mother’s Day? You’ll find what you’re looking for in the range from Richgro. Our range includes soil improvers, lawn fertilisers, mulches, organic products, and pest control: everything you need to keep Mum thriving in her garden. Check out our website to find a Richgro stockist near you.