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Autumn is the perfect time to get gardening by Charlie Albone

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Autumn is the perfect time to get gardening. Not only is the weather warm and sunny, but the vegetation changes along with it, giving your garden a beautiful transformation over the course of the season. Here are some tips for a great Autumn garden!




  1. Watering Gf8Bdedb6A 1920Autumn is the perfect time to fertilise your deciduous shrubs and trees as they store energy in Autumn to push out new growth in Spring. You want to get the fertiliser into them before the leaves start changing their colour and this can be done in multiple ways. For large trees, handfuls of Richgro Blood and Bone watered in well around the root zone will do the trick. For smaller trees and shrubs you can also use blood and bone but Richgro Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food is mostly recommended. It is high in nitrogen and the hose on applicator is a great way to get the liquid fertiliser into the leaves for instant absorption.



  1. CucumbersHarvesting Summer fruits and vegetables can be done throughout Autumn – as long as they are ripe. Apples, pears, melons, citrus, ginger, can all be harvested at any stage from early to late autumn. Gather any cucumbers that have started to turn yellow and store them in a cool place until you are ready to use them.



  1. Seedlings G84D2Cfe5B 1920Planting new seedlings during Autumn is a great way to add new vegetation into your garden while also making sure you’re following sustainable practices. Choose drought-tolerant species that will adapt well to climate conditions such as eucalyptus or gum trees. For perennial plants such as roses or succulents, consider planting seeds indoors six weeks prior to transplanting outdoors; this will help them establish better roots before winter.


  1. Orange G0Cf68A0B1 1920Autumn is a good time to look after your citrus trees. Around this time, if your established citrus trees keep losing their flowers, you might want to adjust the pH and sprinkle a handful of Richgro Dolomite Lime– Natural Magnesium Boost around the base. It reduces soil acidity, raises soil pH and increases fruit yield.You can also boost the amount of organic matter in your soil. Richgro Black Marvel Compost is a blend of fully composted organics that will provide your garden with a boost of natural organic nutrients to ensure strong, healthy, and colourful plants all year round- especially during the colder months to come.
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    The beneficial soil organisms that will help decompose the compost, will require nitrogen to do their work. It is recommended to add some additional Nitrogen along with the organic matter to prevent the microbes from using up the Nitrogen in your soil. To avoid this, you can add some high Nitrogen fertiliser such as Richgro Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food Liquids. It delivers a fast-acting dose of essential nutrients for tastier and bigger fruit. It is also high in Potash and rich in nutrients to produce plentiful fruit plus boosted with iron and trace elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.


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