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An easy start for kids growing their own vegies – with Richgro Grow Bag

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Charlie Albone – Richgro Brand Ambassador

Growing vegetables is a great way to get children involved in gardening. Kids love planting seeds, watching them sprout, and eventually harvesting what they have grown.

Gardening can teach kids about nature, patience, and sensitivity, and it’s an ideal way to learn about fresh, healthy food and nutrition. Encouraging the kids to look after their own vegetable patch is a nice way to introduce them to plants and may even get them to try new vegetables that they have grown themselves.

Children should start with an easy gardening project that they can take care of and enjoy, that’s what makes the Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Planting Mix Grow Bag a perfect start for kids.

While the idea of growing a massive pumpkin might be enticing, waiting an entire season for the fruit to mature can test the patience of even the most enthusiastic little green thumbs. Choose easy-to-grow vegetables such as beans, peas, radishes, and lettuce, but also include foods that kids love to snack on, such as cherry tomatoes and strawberries.



Here are five vegetables that are easy to grow using the Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Planting Mix Grow Bag:


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Bean seeds are ideal for little fingers to sow as they are large and easy to handle. The pods produced by bean plants can be a delicious snack when plucked straight from the plant.



Peas are not only loved for their flavour but also make an excellent choice for children to grow. It’s challenging to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of freshly harvested peas from the garden, making them a tempting option for most kids. These plants require some kind of support, such as a trellis or tripod, to climb up.



Radishes are one of the fastest and easiest to grow vegetables, taking just four to eight weeks to reach harvest time. Keep the soil moist as radishes grow to ensure a sweet harvest but don’t over water. Even better, you can sow radish seeds every few days to ensure a continuous supply.


Asian greens:

Pak choy and Bok choy can be planted for a fast harvest.

Start harvesting the outside leaves as young plants grow, leaving enough so they keep growing throughout the season. It is best to pick and eat them when the leaves are juicy and tender.



You can grow your own salad blend by mixing two or more varieties together in the one grow bag. Growing your own lettuce and salad leaves at home means you will have an abundant supply when you need them.  For plants such as lettuce and herbs, position in a semi-shaded spot. Planting your grow bag really couldn’t be easier!


How to grow with the Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Planting Mix Grow Bag:

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  • Before planting scoop out some mix (it can go into your garden bed)
  • Plant your seedlings, firm the soil around and give it a good soak.
  • Once your grow bags are planted up, it’s now time to move them into their final location.
  • And you will need to water them every single day as they can dry out quickly.
  • It’s a good idea to liquid feed with Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food every 10 to 14 days up until harvest. It is high in potash and produces plentiful vegetables plus added iron and trace elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.


Gardening is a healthy, fun activity that kids of every age can enjoy. It offers wonderful opportunities for children to play, learn and grow, and there is no greater joy for your children than to harvest the fruit of their own hard work. And with the Richgro Grow Bag it is now made even easier!


Grab a Grow Bag and grow you good things!