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5 things to get done in your garden this Winter by Charlie Albone

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Winter is officially upon us, and it is time to prep your garden and lawn for the cold temperatures to come. With plant dormancy and slow growth, many plants will need that extra care. Avoid over-watering, start pruning and refresh soil or repot altogether.


1. Prune your Roses

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Winter is the ideal time to prune your roses as this will promote good air circulation, reduce diseases and let in more light to the structure of the plant. Pruning now will also prepare the plant for good growth and flowering come Spring time too.

Remove any dead brown wood, anything crossing or rubbing and anything thinner than a pencil that shows signs of weak growth. You are aiming for an open vase shape to the plant. After pruning, clean up the surrounding area underneath the plant and remove this out of the garden (not into your compost bin) and feed your roses with Richgro Black Marvel Rose & Flower Food Liquid for bigger, more colourful flowers, rich green leaves, and overall plant health.


2. Weed control

Charlie WeedingThe Winter rains will be here soon, and you will notice that weeds will be growing more than ever. Treat them while they are still small with Richgro Beat A Weed Natural Weedkiller before they set seed, this works especially well in your veggie patch.


3. Transplanting and fertilising

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Winter is the best time to transplant established trees and shrubs and the only time for deciduous plants. This is because there will be less heat stress and more time to recover.

Before digging something up prepare the location it is to be moved to. Plants need to be planted in the right spot and properly so give them plenty of room to grow in all directions. For Citrus trees, they will need to be fed with a specific citrus fertiliser after transplantation such as Richgro Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food Liquid. Feed at planting and then every 1-2 weeks as liquid foliar application.


4. Indoor plant care

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With less light and slow growth in Winter, move your plants closer to the window for full or partial sun. To allow maximum light to get through, wash off your window regularly and clean dust off plant leaves so they can receive maximum light. The ideal time to repot is in Spring when new green growth is starting up but don’t be afraid to repot your indoor plants if you notice roots coming out of drainage holes and if plants are rising out of the pot. It is then time to upsize your pot and use Richgro Black Marvel Potting Mix for healthy root growth.


5. Controlling Fruit Fly

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­­­Fruit flies are mostly inactive during Winter but adult fruit flies may lay eggs and larvae in fallen fruits, foliage or even in hard to reach fruits on trees. Winter fruit such as citrus can become a target, so to keep them at bay, use the Richgro Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray Concentrate. It is formulated using naturally based ingredients and is safe for use up to one day before harvest. It also includes natural plant oil which helps to extend the repelling properties of this product in adverse weather conditions.


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