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For the best range of organic soil mixes, mulches, lawn dressing and all your landscaping needs.

webD09T4548“Richgro’s sister company, Amazon Soils, produces, sells and delivers a wide variety of high quality bulk blended soils, mulches, potting mixes and composts. Landscapers have been using Amazon’s high quality soils, mulches and compost for over 30 years. Amazon uses raw materials that are recycled or from renewable sources. All formulas are made to the strictest quality control levels providing the guarantee of high performance products for sustainable landscapes.”

Amazon Soils is one of the largest movers of mulch, compost, potting mix and  blended soils in Western Australia. Our range of quality products are produced  from rich organic waste materials, therefore providing a great net benefit to  the environment and the community by preventing these materials from going to  Landfill. With over 20 years experience in organic products, high levels of  service and innovation and strict on site quality control, the team at Amazon  Soils are the experts in Soils, Mulches and Composts.

Amazon Soils History

Amazon began as a Kwinana based cartage contractor back in the late 70’s. This led to the foundation of a landscaping supplies’ business named “Landscaping  Supplies – Gwelup”. In the early eighties the business was further developed  into a fully commercial landscape supplies yard selling small batches of soil  mixes and mulches to landscaping contractors and garden centres.

In the very  late eighties, the business was renamed “Amazon Soils & Landscaping Supplies”  and by November 1990, the company outgrew the block of land at Gwelup and moved  soil blending to Lansdale and kept the retail yard at Gwelup. In 1992, the  company restructured with the retail division separating from the company. The  wholesale division was brought to new levels with the additions of four new  working partners with high levels of skills in road transport, machinery / equipment development, finance, sales and marketing. When added to Amazon’s  existing experience in the blending of soils and mulches, this created a very  successful formula.

IMG_0583The Amazon business continued to enjoy steady growth and on  the 1st September 2004, Australian owned A.Richards Pty Ltd, better known as  garden market leader Richgro Garden Products acquired the Amazon business to  bring it under their successful stable of companies that manufacture quality  organic materials for the commercial, landscape and home garden markets. This  move gave an additional edge to Amazon with even higher levels of technology,  expertise and quality control integrated in the business.

“The Amazon brand is  harmonious with A. Richards’s business philosophy and is committed to providing higher quality products and services than those enjoyed in the market today.” Geoff Richards, Managing Director, A.Richards Co Ltd.

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