How To Grow Vegetables In Australia - Richgro
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1. Add organics to your soil

Most vegetables will grow well in well-drained soil. A soil rich in organic matter (compost or manure) will promote good healthy growth, improving the yield of your crops. Organic matter in soil will also hold extra water.

2. Feed regularly

Regular application of fertiliser is essential for yield. The type, rate and time of application will depend primarily on the particular crop to be grown and the soil type. A good fertiliser applied during the growing season will ensure vigorous and healthy growth in vegetables.

3. Water consistently and mulch

Most crops require consistent watering or plants could suffer reduced yields and quality. Most vegetables stop growing if soil temperatures get too high. Covering your garden beds with good quality mulch will keep the soil cooler, resulting in active root growth.

4. Prevent and treat pests and diseases quickly

Keeping good gardening practices (good soil conditions, fertilising and watering) will result in strong vigorously-growing vegetables that are better able to resist attack and outgrow damage. Be familiar with the normal healthy appearance of your plants so that when there is a problem you will be able to tackle it quickly.