How To Grow Seeds & Cuttings - Richgro
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1. Why you should not use normal soil

Seeds grown in normal soil have a low survival rate; this is because garden soil can contain harmful bugs or fungi. Normal soil also has large particles, which allows the roots to develop easier, which will provide stronger growth. As such it is usually best to start seedlings in an artificial mix, which is free from harmful organisms and is screened to ensure consistent soil particle size

2. Use good propagating materials

The right propagation mix is crucial when planting from seeds and cuttings. The right material will ensure good root growth and will provide your plants with the right conditions for ongoing health. A mix like Richgro Expert Gardener Seed and Cutting mix is ideal.

3. Avoid diseases

To avoid the incidence of diseases in propagating, a good fresh clean seed or cutting and quality products are essential. Be particular about the medium in which the seeds will be germinated or cuttings will be grown. This together with careful attention and a clean environment should ensure weed seeds, insects, or disease microorganisms are eliminated.

4. Take cuttings from strong healthy plants

Note: There is no genetic diversity among plants propagated from cuttings, therefore whereby any desirable traits are luckily preserved; any faults such as susceptibility to disease are faithfully reproduced too. So be sure to take cuttings from strong healthy plants to give yourself the best chance of success.