How To Grow A Potted Garden - Richgro
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1. Get the right potting mix

Healthy potted plants begin with the right potting mix. The Australian Standards logo for potting mixes applies to potting mixes that have been independently tested and certified to contain an appropriate mix of nutrients, in a suitable base material, to meet the needs of potted plants. A potting mix such as BLACK MARVEL Potting Mix which has the red (premium grade) tick is your assurance of superior nutrient levels and greater water holding capacity.

2. Use a liquid fertiliser

Liquid fertilisers are ideal for potted plants and are absorbed very quickly by the plants, assisting with immediate and consistent growth. Choose one appropriate for your type of potted plant whether it be flowers, vegetables or fruit and use according to label directions.

3. Water according to plants and their location

Watering pot plants can be difficult, as the water often runs over the edge of the pot and down between the container and soil, not getting into the plants’ roots. Add Richgro EZI-WET soil soaker to improve water penetration and allow the water to soak through.

4. Prevent diseases

Buy disease free plants, use a quality potting mix and clean pots It is also important to keep a regular fertilising and watering program to ensure indoor and outdoor potted plants stay healthy.