How To Grow A New Lawn - Richgro
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1. “Topdress” regularly

Scatter manure or soil improver over (topdress) your lawn regularly. It will keep your lawn green, healthy and strong against weeds all year round. It will also require less watering and is the perfect solution for dead patches.

2. Feed regularly

A strong healthy lawn resists disease, insect attacks, moss and weeds more effectively. A regular feeding program will keep your lawn lush and green all year. Lawns are very fast growing in summer and need food to remain strong and healthy.

3. Water efficiently

Having a lawn does not mean high water use. A well maintained lawn with the use of a soil wetter is a water efficient lawn. Typically a well maintained lawn should only require an application of 12mm (1/2inch) of water twice a week . The best time of the day to water is early morning before the heat of the day.

4. Treat pests and diseases

Like all areas of the garden, lawns often fall under serious attack by pests and diseases. It also falls prey to the much dreaded weeds that can turn lawns into a real war zone. Richgro has an effective solution to all your lawn problems.