Different native plants will thrive best in different garden locations, so be sure to follow plant label recommendations.

Same as for all gardens, good soil quality is the foundation of a healthy native garden. For best results use a mix specifically designed for natives such as Richgro Native Plant Mix. This mix is suitable for garden use and for planting in pots and was produced to meet the requirements of natives at planting time. Your natives are assured to get the initial boost they require for ongoing healthy growth.  An application of Richgro Mega Booster Organic Native fertiliser prior to their flowering season will ensure strong vibrant flowers and added resistance to the harsh summer.

Note: Avoid planting natives too close to each other so that they have room to develop strong roots.

1. Add the right mix at planting

Australian plants will grow in poor soils, but to get the best results always plant with Native Plant Mix.

This specially blended mix is suitable for all Australian plants including phosphorous sensitive species such as Grevilleas and Banksias.

2. Feed regularly Australian native plants need to be fed to encourage vibrant growth and resistance to drought and diseases. For best results plants should be fed at planting time to provide an initial boost and thereafter twice a year for consistent growth. Avoid fertilisers high in phosphorous.

3. Water and mulch

Most Australian native plants need to be watered although they tend to require less than other plants. Like all plants they need to be mulched – pinebark and hard wood natural mulches are ideal.

Be waterwise and apply Richgro EZI-WET® soil wetter to use water efficiently and reduce run-off.

4. Treat pests and diseases

Pests and diseases affect natives like other garden plants and are controlled in the same way. However great your garden is, there are always weeds, insects and diseases to battle! Be familiar with the normal healthy appearance of your plants so as to recognise early any problems.

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