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Roses are very easy to look after and are extremely drought resistant, living for many years if their health is maintained. Roses require full sun (six-hours a day to really thrive) and excellent drainage.

While basic soil conditions will support the growth of most roses, their health and vigour are greatly improved by the addition of composted organic matter. Add a good organic soil improver such as an organic compost or manure to your rose garden soil regularly. A rich soil will help your roses stay strong and fight insects and fungal attacks more effectively.

Feed regularly with a good quality fertiliser such as Black Marvel Premium Rose Food. Spring is the perfect time for a good feed as this will greatly improve the health and vigour of your roses as they shoot with new life. Also add some Richgro Bug Killa to control aphids from damaging your new shoots.

Careful attention to watering will minimise fungal problems and provide healthy growth in roses. Avoid watering the foliage at night as the moisture left on the leaves will help spread fungal problems such as Powdery Mildew and Black Spot.

Applying Richgro Ezi-Wet will make sure the water is absorbed by the soil and getting to the roots of the plants. If the water is pooling around your garden bed or running down the side of pots, this is a good indication that it is time to apply a soil wetter. Then don’t forget to Mulch or top up your existing mulch so your garden beds remain well hydrated as the temperature warms up.

If you have strong well-fed and hydrated roses they will do most of the disease-fighting by themselves. There are three main rose diseases that affect these hardy plants at some time or another: blackspot, mildew and rust. If these three diseases can be controlled, the rose garden will be generally disease free. Try Beat A Bug Happy Roses which is a natural health tonic which protects and feeds your roses at the same time. It helps control blackspot and other fungal diseases such as rust and mildew with naturally occurring sulphur, seaweed extract and by boosting the health of the upper cells of the leaves.

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