Fruit will add beautiful colour and variety to your garden. Home grown fruits taste wonderful; you will also know exactly how ‘clean’ your produce is everyday.

Most fruits grow well in a sunny location. Avoid planting near other plants whose roots can compete with your fruit trees for moisture and fertiliser.

Most fruit trees will thrive in well-drained soil.
Adding organic matter is crucial to create suitable conditions for growth and using Richgro Premium Organic Garden compost or digging in some Richgro Manure will ensure just that. This organic blend, which contains key Richgro Water Savers, makes an easy job of getting your citrus trees off to the best possible start.

2. Feed regularly

Regular application of fertiliser is essential for large juicy fruits and good yield. A good fertiliser applied during the growing season will ensure vigorous and healthy growth. It also helps build the health of the soil. Ensure you always read the label for specific fertiliser rates for your fruit or citrus tree.

3. Water, mulch and use a soil wetter

Most fruit and citrus trees require consistent watering and it is crucial that they have access to enough water or the plants could become stunted, and suffer reduced yields and quality. Use Richgro EZI-WET® soil wetter so that the plants get all the water they need for maximum growth. Don’t forget to Mulch!

Mulching ensures you conserve good soil moisture and will also reduce soil temperatures. This, in turn, will help reduce the incidence of fruit drop on extremely hot days.

4. Keep good gardening practices to reduce diseases and improve resistance to insects Good practices (good soil conditions, fertilising and watering) will result in strong fruit and citrus trees, better able to resist an insect or fungal attack. Be familiar with the normal healthy appearance of the plants and fruit so that when there is a problem you will be able to tackle it quickly.

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