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Christmas is coming fast; you may be having guests over for Christmas or simply spending more time yourself at home but before you know it the big day will be upon you. The trick to getting Christmas ready is to start as soon as possible.

1. Get started and clean up!

As a starting point the garden would appreciate a good tidy up, prune all the hedges, weed all the garden beds and apply Richgro Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker. Feed your plants with a light fertiliser like Richgro Blood and Bone Fertiliser to maximise healthy looking growth as soon as possible.

Getting stuck in now will mean you’ll only have to do a smaller tidy up just before guests arrive and they will wonder how you had the time to make your garden look spectacular!

Try to get rid of any clutter in the garden, tidy up old pots, put away the bundles of bamboo canes laying by the veggie patch and install a retractable hose so everything looks as smart and orderly as possible. It’s worth giving your outdoor furniture a clean and a scrub too as this makes a huge lift to the overall appearance of your outdoor area.

2. Give your lawn a bit of attention

Your lawn could do with a bit of attention now as well, give it a mow, trim the edges and lightly fork through it before applying Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker and a lawn fertiliser. Ezi Wet allows the fertiliser to be taken up quickly and more effectively. Regular mowing leads to a healthier lawn as there is less chance of scalping it in the sun and applying a soil wetter ensures the water gets to the roots where it’s needed. The fertiliser will add plenty of rich green to the lawn and make guests envious when they walk bare foot across your turf.

3. Create a blooming garden

Early December is a great time to go through the garden and dead head as many of the flowers as possible – this promotes new blooms to come on and with a bit of a feeding regimen you should time your blooming garden to perfection. Fertilising your garden now will mean it will be looking top notch at Christmas. Applications of specific fertilisers such as Richgro Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food or Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food or Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food will give your showstoppers the boost they need to look incredible for Christmas. Use the granules now and then two weeks before Christmas apply the liquid for a quick instant boost.

4. Don’t forget your pots

Giving your potted plants a bit of a spruce up is also a good idea, start by applying a soil wetter then, top up the current potting mix with Richgro “super duper”  Premium Potting Mix with Seaweed. Finish off by applying a layer of Richgro Pinebark Mulch to help lessen the evaporation of the hot summer sun.  Whilst you’re at it mulching the whole garden with Pinebark is not only beneficial for the plants it makes the garden as a whole look much tidier and neater. Before applying mulch to the garden beds I would fill in any gaps with some festive colourful plants, digging in plenty of Richgro compost prior to planting to aid in moisture and nutrient retention.

5. Grow some herbs

With all the extra cooking at home I find I get through my herbs very quickly, so I start planning now by planting seedlings every week up unto Christmas, and I feed them up with Richgro Black Marvel Tomato & Vegetable Liquid Food to ensure I get maximum growth. This means I have plenty to harvest for big family dinners.

I also like to set some sunflower seeds now – a packet only costs a few dollars and you normally get 50 seeds. These germinate quickly in single jiffy pots. Get the kids involved with this and also they can make great presents for grandparents and those who just drop in.


Happy Christmas!

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