Get planting this Autumn with the new RICHGRO WINTER VEGETABLE GROW BAG by Charlie Albone

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Autumn is here and it is the perfect time to be planting. The soil is warm, but the temperatures have dropped sufficiently so plants do not get too stressed through the planting process. As the days get shorter there is less light for plants and this makes them grow slower – hence why Winter vegetables take so long to mature and get to harvest.

You can get a jump on your Winter vegetables by getting them in the ground now. Improve the soil with lots of Richgro compost, Richgro Blood and Bone, and get planting!  Ensure you dig the compost and blood and bone through the soil to mix it through evenly and to de-compact after the Summer growing season. Alternatively, you could consider the new Richgro Winter Vegetable Grow Bag.


Get creative with the NEW Richgro GROW BAG

This grow bag is perfect for your… you guessed it; Winter Vegetables! The bag contains enough nutrients to sustain and promote growth for up to 8 weeks without any supplementary feeding. Like enriching and de-compacting garden bed soil, it is a good idea to shake up the bag to free up the mix and aid in easy root penetration before planting.

The Grow Bag is a perfect spot to start vegetable seedlings, so if you have some left-over Summer vegetables in the patch, start the new ones in the Grow Bag and then plant out once the current harvest has been cleared. This product has been produced so that incorporating the whole bag’s contents into the soil is a real benefit to the veggie patch, but it can also go into normal garden beds or even the compost heap.

Your Winter Vegetables will also be fine left in the Grow Bag – it is a great place for them to grow. They are perfect for small spaces, balconies, and paved courtyards with no garden beds.


Boost with Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Liquid

If using the GROW BAG, then to get the best out of your plants you should feed them a liquid feed of Richgro BLACK MARVEL Tomato and Vegetable Food after 8 weeks and you can apply this every 10-14 day. You need to make sure you puncture holes in the allocated spots in the bottom of the GROW BAG  to let the water out or it will stagnate and drown your vegetables.


Do Some Companion Planting

There is a huge range of plants that will grow well in your Winter Grow bag. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale and Silver beet are some of my favourite and will all grow well together.  There is the possibility of having three separate plants growing in the one bag so you can companion plant, Brassicas such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts all grow well with a range of plants and herbs including dill, celery, mint, thyme and marigolds. You need to steer clear of strawberries, tomatoes, and garlic, but that’s easy as they thrive in the warmer seasons.

Winter vegetables, in particular those in the brassica family suffer from white cabbage moth and white cabbage butterfly and these pests are attracted by the smell of the plants. Companion planting with a fragrant plant such as lavender will help to deter them and add a splash of foliage colour too.  These flying pests are also fiercely territorial so mock butterflies on sticks placed next to the plants help to keep them away as well.


Easily move the Grow Bag around to the sunniest spot of your garden

I also really like the Winter Vegetable Grow Bag as it can be moved to the sunniest spot in the garden with ease as the sun gets lower in the sky. It can plunge otherwise bright spots in the garden into darkness. A quick move of the bag and your plants are back to full sun and maximum growth.

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