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The soils found around volcanoes are packed full of fertility with minerals that can give the most productive soil and amazing plant growth. In Australia volcanoes are extinct but the soils around them are very much alive. We can now get the same fertile volcanic soil in our very own garden with Rock Minerals now available in stores.

What are rock minerals?

It is a natural mineral product containing microbes and trace elements. Its use improves soil structure by building soil fertility and allowing the microbes to interact with the soil, capturing nutrients, increasing root growth and protecting from diseases.
Rock Minerals are completely natural and environmentally safe. It can be used on all garden plants and will act as a great soil improver and fertiliser.

Do not confuse Rock Minerals with Rock Dust. Lots of people are claiming that they can use rock dust, which is often left over crusher dust with little mineral value or from other places which has very little elemental value.
Rock Minerals are rock elements mined from Volcanic Base and Sedimentary rock. Whilst they are technically different, most people will consider the term the same and hence when asking for rock dust, they often mean Rock Minerals.

Where do they come from?
Richgro’s Rock Mineral is manufactured from natural materials that are friendly to the environment. Using volcanic bedrock located deep beneath the surface which has been covered by decaying soil and matter over time, it is gathered, prilled and impregnated with beneficial microbes. This is all manufactured in Australia with the minerals coming from Queensland and blended and bagged in Western Australia.

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