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DID YOU KNOW? Australia’s Bee population is one of the healthiest in the world and free from the major causes of population decline such as viruses, non viral pests and diseases.

Australia’s first national survey of honey bee viruses has found we have one of the healthiest honey bee (Apis mellifera) populations in the world – a key step in re-establishing and maintaining export markets for breeding stock.

The Use Of Insecticides In Your Garden

Insecticides and fungicides are designed to protect your garden from unwanted pests and diseases. These products are designed to stop insects and by nature can unfortunately be harmful to bees. However, we at Richgro understand the importance of bees to the environment and that all gardens can benefit from the buzzing of bees and their work in pollination and of course their delicious honey.

We have formulated an insecticide as a granule which is easily sprinkled onto the ground, and watered in, thus eliminating overspray or direct contact to flowering plants. This is a much safer and less harmful way to protect your flowering plants from unwanted pests which suck the leaves and stems of the plant.

We also encourage using our natural sprays on your fruit and vegies after the flowers have started to fruit. This is when the pests will attack your crop and the bees have long since been and gone, doing their great work.

Use Of Neonicotinoids

This has been used in Australia for over 2 decades and we continue to have one of the healthiest bee populations in the world. These neonicotinoid insecticides have been proven to be much safer to humans and mammals and has brought a range of important benefits over other insecticides used in the past.

Studies are being conducted to show the effects of this chemical on bees. It is important to follow the directions on the label as the dosage levels have been tested and approved. These is some ongoing research into this, but an extract from the University of Maryland shows one such study.

Also some great information available here from the Governing body in Australia about insecticides.

What’s the Buzz!

The main threat to Australia’s thriving bee population is the Varroa mite (Varroa destructor). Australia is one of the few countries in the world to remain free of Varroa mite and you can read more about the mite and the protections the Australian government have put in place.

Please remember to plant plenty of flowering plants and natives to attract not only the introduced honey bee and also the huge variety of Australian Native bees which is important to the balance of the Australian eco-system.

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