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When Is The Best Time To Plant Flowers In Spring?

Warmer days with more sunshine, clearer blue skies, busier streets, more activity, and beautiful flowers in bloom! Springtime is particularly special for flower enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned flower gardener or you’re just starting out in your floral journey, you’ll be able to benefit from reading this post. Here, we discuss the best time to plant flowers in spring, helping you plant an awe-inspiring flowerbed this season.


The Importance of soil temperature

While some flowers are ok with a little cold, most of them don’t like being planted right at the start of spring. In most of Australia (Central NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and southern WA), the soil temperatures are too cold at the start of spring for flowers to truly thrive.

Gardening ImageWhile every flower is different (some preferring cooler weather and others preferring it hot), the ideal soil temperature for most flowers tends to be within the 18-24°C range.

During winter in Melbourne, for example, the soil temperature generally sits around 8-12°C, depending on the weather. So, at the start of spring in Melbourne, it is still too cold to plant most of your favourite flowers.


When the soil gets warmer

8In essence, your flowers can be planted in spring when the soil temperature gets warmer. Simply buy a soil testing thermometer from any online gardening retailer if you want to be really accurate when planting flowers in spring. Or you can just wait a little longer!


Aim for late September or October

Depending on where you are in Australia, it’s usually best to wait until late September to mid-October to plant flowers in spring. This is normally when the soil warms up to provide the best growing conditions for your flowers.