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Top 6 flowering bulbs for Easter planting

Easter is a perfect opportunity to get out into the garden. Spring-flowering bulbs are traditionally planted in Autumn, any time between February and May. If you plant now you will have an explosion of colour in late Winter and Spring.

Growing bulbs is easier than you think and so rewarding for the whole family. Here are our top 6 flowering bulbs:

1. Daffodils

Spring Blooming Bulbs


Daffodils are perennial favourites leading the way into Spring.




2. Jonquils



Jonquils look like mini daffodils but they’ll grow in a much wider range of climates.



3. Freesias



Freesias do well in a wide range of climates making them one of the easiest bulbs to grow.



4. Hyacinths


Hyacinths can be grown indoors in pots or vases, but remember to keep them in a dark place until the shoot has emerged. Then gradually bring them into the light.



5. Tulips


Tulips give you variety in form and colour and are happiest in cold areas. If you don’t get a cold winter, put your tulip bulbs into the fridge for a few weeks before planting. Then plant them fairly late (towards the end of May) and enjoy the flower show when it arrives.



6. Ranunculi



Ranunculi are highly prolific, with one corm giving up to twenty flowers and a long flowering season.



Planting Tips

To plant, dig the soil over to get rid of any weeds. Scatter a complete fertiliser, such as Richgro ORGANICS GARDEN COMPLETE PLANT FOOD.

Plant at least twice as deep as the bulb is high, and plant with the neck up and the roots down the bottom. The only exception is with Ranunculus. Always have the legs going down.

Happy Easter