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The Secret to Successful Rose Gardening

Roses are truly majestic flowers that can add beauty to any garden. They are relatively hardy plants and can survive on neglect, however if you want the healthy, best-looking plants, and beautiful colourful blooms, there are several steps you can take to ensure this.


Find the right place

If you want your roses to bloom beautifully, you must plant them in a place that has lots of sunlight and air movement. These flowers need their freedom and space to grow. Roses are very easy to look after and are extremely drought resistant, living for many years if their health is maintained. Roses require full sun (six-hours a day to really thrive) and excellent drainage.


Ensure the proper quality of soil

Roses require large amounts of nutrients, while basic soil conditions will support the growth of most roses, their health and vigour are greatly improved by the addition of composted organic matter. Add a good organic soil improver such as Richgro Black Marvel Garden Compost to your rose garden soil regularly. A rich soil will help your roses stay strong and fight insects and fungal attacks more effectively.


Feed regularly 

Charlie Bm Rose Med ResFeed with a good quality fertiliser such as Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food. Spring is the perfect time for a good feed as this will greatly improve the health and vigour of your roses as they shoot with new life.

Once you see new shoots forming give them a hit with Richgro Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food Liquid for an instant uptake of goodness.

High in Potash to produce plentiful blooms plus added Iron and Trace Elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.

Black Marvel liquid comes in a convenient hose-on that can be sprayed directly on to the plants.

Plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves as well as the roots, so this application method allows for nutrients to enter the foliage and the excess gets taken up by the roots.

As a liquid fertiliser, it can be reapplied regularly (every 1 to 2 weeks) throughout the growing period. This is ideal for all plants including rapidly growing plants such as annuals as well as potted plants.



Watering RosesCareful attention to watering will minimise fungal problems and provide healthy growth in roses. Avoid watering the foliage at night as the moisture left on the leaves will help spread fungal problems such as Powdery Mildew and Black Spot. If your roses have been struggling in the past, a preventive application of Richgro Black Spot & Fungus Killa when the new shoots emerge can be a good idea. Because the product is applied dry to the plant there is no mixing or mess or risk of overspray that could potentially harm bees and other beneficial insects.

Richgro Black Spot & Fungus Killa Granular Garden Fungicide protects roses and other ornamental plants from fungal diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew, and rust. It is a systemic fungicide that is taken up by the plants roots to control diseases. It also contains iron and zeolite which are beneficial to plant health.

For best results apply to ornamentals in early spring. For roses apply when the first shoots appear.

 Applying Richgro Ezi-Wet will make sure the water is absorbed by the soil and getting to the roots of the plants. If the water is pooling around your garden bed or running down the side of pots, this is a good indication that it is time to apply a soil wetter.



It is essential to use mulch in your garden, to insulate the soil, reduce weed growth, and retain soil moisture. Mulching will help protect the plants’ roots from extreme temperatures, help with moisture retention and decrease the amount of watering required. A depth of 75mm is ideal and by using a natural mulch such as Richgro Natural Pinebark Mulch it will break down to slowly enrich the soil.



Charlie Beat A BugNew growth also attracts pests and diseases. Especially aphids who like to make an appearance on the tender new shoots. Wipe them off if they are few, blast them off with water, or spray with Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray.

This natural pesticide not only effectively handles insect problems but also provides your plants with a boost of natural nutrients, enhancing their resistance.


Prune your roses regularly

To ensure healthy and amazingly beautiful blossoms, you must prune your roses with extreme care. Always use extra-sharp secateurs and a good pruning saw to minimise the damage to the plant. You also need to clear the centre of the bush and shorten all growth to keep the plant healthy and strong.

The best time to prune your roses is mid to late winter, so put this task in your planner. If you have roses that bloom only in spring or climbers, prune them only after the main flowering season.

A good tip is to “dead-head” the roses after flowering, giving them a feed so you can get another beautiful show of blooms in a few weeks. 

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If you’re uncertain about which stems to remove, follow these recommendations:

  • When in doubt, prioritise removing the oldest branches. The newer branches tend to produce stronger growth and more flowers.
  • Remove any dead brown wood, anything crossing or rubbing and anything thin that shows signs of weak growth.
  • Prune about a third back, always from the top and if you do this, you’re going to find you get many more good shoots for flowers.
  • Aim to cut at about a 45-degree angle.
  • You are aiming for an open vase shape to reduce humidity around the leaves and promote good air circulation, therefore preventing black spot and fungal issues.
  • If your plants have experienced fungal diseases such as black spot or mildew during the growing season, it’s crucial to take preventive measures. Fungal spores can persist in your garden, so it’s essential to collect all clippings after pruning and dispose of them in the bin. This practice helps prevent the spread of diseases throughout your garden, safeguarding the health of your plants.



Creating a stunning rose garden can be relatively easy with the right Richgro products, developed to help roses and other flowering plants so that you will be able to prevent and treat any problems as soon as they occur. With proper care, your roses will bloom in no time.