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Rose care in your spring garden

There’s nothing like the first warm days of spring, when the garden comes alive after the dark winter months. To get your roses off to a good, healthy start, there are a few things to do in the spring garden:


1. Give them a good feed

Your roses love a good feed in spring, as they start their active growth. Richgro Black Marvel Rose & Flower Food and a few handfuls of manure around the perimeter of the plant will support healthy new foliage and a prolific spring bloom. Water in thoroughly.

2. Control pests and diseases

Pic Of Product In Situ2Unfortunately, this new spring growth also attracts pests and diseases. Especially aphids like to make an appearance on the tender new spring shoots. Wipe them off if they are few, blast them off with water, or spray with Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray.

Roses are prone to fungal diseases. Hopefully, you’ve planted hardy, disease-resistant varieties from your local nursery, but even so you may not be able to prevent all fungal diseases. If your roses have been struggling with rust, mildew, or blackspot in the past, a preventive application of Richgro’s NEW Black Spot & Fungus Killa when the new shoots emerge can be a good idea.

3. Mulch around your roses

Re-mulch around your roses to conserve soil moisture and suppress weeds. Just keep the mulch from the stem, to allow for good air flow around the base of your rose. This also helps keep fungal diseases in check.

4. Water regularly

Start watering your roses regularly, preferably in the morning and around the base of the plant rather than over the foliage. And keep monitoring them for signs of problems. The care you take in spring will reward you all through the garden year.


Happy gardening,



Richgro horticulturist

Birgit Daller is a horticulturist and garden designer, and the owner and creative head of Art of Green Landscapes & Design.