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How To Start A Herb Garden In Winter

Want to spice up your life in the healthiest way possible? Growing a winter herb garden is the perfect way to do this. These winter-ready herbs are ideal for injecting your kitchen with more flavour and saving a lot of money on your grocery bills. With fresh herbs packets often costing $3 or more from the supermarket, starting your own winter herb garden can help you save big. So, here’s how to start a happy little herb garden in winter, with advice from the experts at Richgro!


Growing Herbs

Choose the right spot

Herbs are generally quite hardy, but it’s still important to choose the right location when growing them. Most herbs like full, indirect light during winter, so consider choosing a location to suit.


Choose the best soil mix

Basil 350X263 1One of the keys to success when growing winter herbs is choosing the best soil mix. Choose a soil mix that suits the environment; consider whether you’re growing your herbs in a veggie patch, or in baskets or pots. A great potting mix from Richgro is Black Marvel Potting Mix, perfect for herbs in containers. This potting mix is of top quality and drains well, giving your herbs’ roots plenty of oxygen flow.


Water appropriately

Water your herbs every three-to-five days so that your soil is consistently moist. Make sure your soil isn’t soaking wet, or bone dry, but a nice, even level of moist.


Add an organic fertiliser

A great way to boost your winter herbs’ growth rates is to add organic fertiliser every once in a while to your patch. Choose an organic booster like Richgro Organics Garden Complete Plant Food and use it lightly, once a month. Alternatively Black Marvel Liquid Food is perfect to boost the growth of your herbs in pots.



Harvest your herbs by pinching them back once a week. Now, you’re ready to use these tasty, healthy winter herbs in your favourite recipes.

Thyme Cooking

Richgro can help you keep your garden in top-shape. Our range includes soil improvers, lawn fertilisers, mulches, organic products and pest control: everything you need for a tip-top garden. Check out our website to find a Richgro stockist near you and take the next step towards the perfect garden.