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How to start a flower garden

There is nothing better than fresh cut flowers that you have grown yourself in your very own garden.

They can instantly brighten up a space and bring joy to someone’s day.



First you need to find the ideal location in your garden.

It’s important to choose the right location, one that gets ample sunlight to help boost your blooms.

Most flowering plants will need full sun to thrive, but, if possible, there should be some protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Some plants can tolerate less sunlight, but always check plant labels prior to planting.


Improve your soil

Fertilise SoilWhen starting a flower garden, soil preparation is everything.

Strong healthy plants need good soil to thrive, improving the yield of your crops.

To improve the structure of the soil, mix through some Black Marvel Garden Compost and then add some Richgro Blood and Bone to supercharge it.

This is going to give fast growing plants all the nutrients they need.

Spread the compost over your new flower bed and use a garden fork to turn the soil. This helps to not only break up the existing soil but incorporate the organic matter throughout.



Planting out your flower garden

PlantingThere are several different ways to plant out your flower garden.

If you are wanting to create a massive burst of colour you can randomly plant different varieties in the one bed.

Alternatively, arranging plants by height is the best way to create a more striking display.

Have smaller plants at the front, medium height varieties in the middle, then tall flowers at the back to ensure you get to enjoy the blooms in all their glory.




TulipProducing blooms takes a lot of energy.

A good liquid fertiliser such as Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food will provide all the nutrients required so that your plants can produce plentiful blooms.

Once leaves start to form, begin feeding every two weeks during the flowering season.

It is also important to give your plants a deep watering as this will encourage their roots to grow deeper.





To keep your flowers always looking their best it is important to maintain your garden beds.


  • Deadhead and cut flowers regularly. This will encourage more blooms– the more you cut, the more your plants will produce.
  • When watering it is best to water at the base of the plant, not only to deliver water to where it’s needed: the roots, but it can also stop mould and disease that can happen when plants are showered from overhead.
  • After a good soaking apply a layer of organic mulch, such as Richgro Pine Bark Mulch. This mulch helps water to get into the soil, prevents evaporation and soil erosion, looks good, helps keep weeds down and breaks down to help feed and add organic matter to the soil over time.


Some of our favourite flowers to plant in a flower garden include –

Anemone, Hyacinth, Tulips, Daffodils, Dahlias, Crocus,Zinnia, Ranunculus and Strawflowers.