Garden in Every Home: Benefits of Potted Plants

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Garden in Every Home: Benefits of Potted Plants

It’s a sad fact, but many people give up their dream of having a beautiful garden because they think they must have a large yard to be able to do this. This is when potted plants can come to the rescue as you can grow them absolutely anywhere. No matter how small your dwelling is, you can always fit in some plant containers and get a variety of benefits from this beautiful addition. You can even try growing a vertical garden or raised garden in very small spaces.

Reasons to Grow Indoor Potted Plants

Tending to potted plants may not give you all the physical benefits offered with gardening, but including some greenery into your home can offer a variety of other benefits:

  • They give you oxygen.
    You’ve may have noticed that fresh air clears your head, so having a natural oxygen generator in your room is always a great idea. It’s especially important for people who live in the city where the quality of air is by default poor. Potted plants will increase the level of oxygen in your house and your body will be grateful for it.
  • They boost the humidity.
    Do you have a humidifier in your room? Replacing it with a few potted plants may help to not only reduce your electricity bills but actually improve your health as they’ll provide you with both, humidity and oxygen. Researchers state that about 10% of water in the atmosphere comes from plants that ‘transpire’ the moisture they soak up from the ground. Houseplants do the same thing on a much smaller scale, but enough to make your home more comfortable during the hot Australian summer.
  • They clean the air.
    The ability of potted plants to significantly improve the quality of indoor air has been proven. They soak up toxic vapors making the environment safer as a whole.

The Best Potted Plants for Your Home

Today you can grow almost any kind of plant in a container, so you’ll have lots of options when choosing the best species for your home. If you are most interested in their ‘cleansing’ effect, you should go for gerbera daisy, English ivy, golden pothos, or red-edge dracaena.

You should note that the amount of sunlight plants can get in your home will have a huge impact on their overall health, so you must choose the species based on the environment you can provide.

Best container plants for sunny homes are geraniums, petunias, Mexican orange blossom, New Zealand flax, bougainvillea, wisteria, and various succulents. If you have limited sunlight, try clivia, daphne, palms, and begonias. Richgro offers an assortment of products that will help you keep any potted plant healthy and strong.

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