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Gardening for October

Spring is in full swing around the country. It is the perfect time to get into the garden with these handy hints!

Roses and Flowering Plants

Wisteria is growing a mile a minute. About 4-5 weeks after flowering is the ideal time to start pruning off the vigorous new growth back to 5-6 buds from the older wood. This will encourage the plant to put its energy into next year’s flowering.

Check the watering system for your roses and flowers to ensure there are no leaks, and the plants are getting the recommended amount of water. Applying Richgro Ezi-Wet will make sure the water is absorbed by the soil and getting to the roots of the plants. If the water is pooling around your garden bed or running down the side of pots, this is a good indication that it is time to apply a soil wetter. Then don’t forget to Mulch or top up your existing mulch so your garden beds remain well hydrated as the temperature warms up.

October is the perfect time to plant summer colour.

It’s also rose season, with your pruned roses now starting to shoot with new life. Fertilise and protect your roses now. Use Richgro Black Marvel Rose & Flower food and add some Richgro Bug Killa to control aphids from damaging your new shoots. Roses may be suffering from Blackspot, so it would be good idea to spray them now with a good rose fungicide. Improving your rose garden soil with a good compost such as Black Marvel Garden Compost will help in making them more resistant to diseases and pests.

Control bugs with Bug Killa on gardenias, azaleas, camellias and lilly pilly.


As a general guide, prune spring flowering shrubs such as Callistemon (Bottlebrush) after they have finished flowering. This includes pruning spring flowering varieties.

Mulch or top up Mulch to protect plants against weather extremes and keep soils moist.

Add the recommended rate of Black Marvel Rose & Flower liquid fertiliser to give them an added boost during this busy time.


Fruit Trees and Vegies

Thin the fruit on the stone fruit trees, as this will ensure what fruit is left is large and well formed. Make a decision on what treatment you are going to use for fruit fly as it will soon be time to spray some of the early varieties. Unfortunately, if you elect not to do anything and you know there is fruit fly around not one fruit on that tree will be free of larvae.

Follow up planted Summer vegies, and apply Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Fertiliser during growing season or add a good organic fertiliser like Richgro Organics Vegetable Plant Food to see it through till November. Pests will start to attack your lovely vegetables so make sure you use Richgro’s Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray. Apply at the first sign of attack and then keep in a good routine of spraying over the leaves (don’t forget underside) every 10-12 days during October to repel them.

Lawn and Turf Maintenance

If your lawn is spongy, vertimow it to remove the thatch. The build up of organic matter reduces the amount of water getting to the root system. Buffalo lawns can be scalped at this time of the year to reduce sponginess and organic matter build up.

Lawns can now be cut weekly, encouraging new growth. At the very least it should be done fortnightly, but don’t leave it much later than that. Fertilise now with Cresco Lawn Fertiliser .

You can plant new lawns now, ensuring you add a really good layer of Bentonite Sand to Soil if your soil is sandy or Gypsum if your soils are heavy clay based. Start by getting the soil right and this will help give your new lawn the best chance to succeed.

On established lawns, it is best to get your soil right now before the warmer weather. Apply Richgro Ezi-Wet to encourage root growth and apply Richgro Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa to stop pests attacking the lawn.

General Garden Maintenance Tips

  • Weeds – Keep up with either digging them out or spraying (or both). Remember this year’s flowers are next year’s weeds.
  • Keep up with your pest control, using Richgro Bug Killa if applied in August or regular applications of Richgro Beat-A-Bug Natural Insect Spray.
  • Don’t forget to apply some rich Blood and Bone fertiliser to give everything in your garden that great natural boost.
  • Good time to clean out your pond. Replenish no more than 50% of your water, divide any water lilies and remove any muddy build up on the bottom.
  • As it warms up, apply a wetting agent to ensure the water being applied is soaking into the soil. This includes your vegie gardens and pots.
  • Mulch garden beds to keep in moisture, and control weeds. Beds that aren’t mulched will dry out quickly.