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Gardening for May

May is a special month for Mothers as we celebrate Mother’s day! A real favourite with our lovely mums are flowers so why not spoil your own with a big pot filled with beautiful flowers and ‘other goodies’ for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. All you need to start is a good potting mix such as Richgro BLACK MARVEL Potting Mix and whatever you will plant will grow beautifully.

Trees & Shrubs

Deciduous trees are in full colour this month. To find out what trees and shrubs best suit your area, take a drive around your neighbourhood.

Roses and Flowering Plants

Improve soil for new roses with Richgro BLACK MARVEL Garden Compost. A rich soil will help your roses stay strong and fight insects and fungal attacks more effectively. Why not try some lovely flowering plants in your vegie patch for a little boost of colour. Maybe some marigolds, snapdragons or pansies. They will also be good for attracting beneficial insects to your patch. Apply a soil wetter for stronger well watered plants and as part of good maintenance. Plant new natives in May and give your existing natives a feed as well.

Vegetables and Fruit

Time to plant English Spinach. It is a winter crop and best to get established early when the weather is still a little warmer. It grows fast so pick only the amount of leaves you need and let the rest grow on. Practice crop rotation (growing crops in different areas of the garden each year to avoid soil-borne diseases and nutrient depletion) and companion planting (planting of different plants in close physical proximity, on the theory that they will help each other – for instance by boosting yield and to keep pests and weeds at bay). Apply a soil wetter so your vegie garden remains well hydrated. Citrus trees are bearing at the moment and some varieties of Mandarins and Oranges are prone to fruit fly. Baiting for fruit fly is an effective method of reducing the population. Pick up any fallen fruit and destroy. Feed with a good organic fertiliser like Richgro Organics Fruit & Citrus Plant Food.

Potted Plants

Check for two spotted mite on roses in pots and treat accordingly. Watering pot plants can be difficult, as the water often runs over the edge of the pot and down between the container and soil, not getting into the plants’ roots. Add Richgro Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker to improve water penetration and allow the water to soak through.

Lawn and Turf Maintenance

Fertilise lawns in early May with a good quality lawn food. A strong healthy lawn can cope with the cold weather and keep its colour through winter rather than a stressed, struggling one.

General Garden Maintenance Tips

  • Weeding is the most hated job on the gardening calendar. Apply a thick layer of organic mulch to smother out small weed seedlings.
  • In those areas where automatic reticulation is allowed, after the first autumn rains, turn the system off. Saving water is important at this time of the year.