Calendar: Gardening For March In Australia - Richgro
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Gardening for March

Autumn is planting time, so get digging. Plants put in the ground at this time of the year establish themselves quickly while the soil is still warm.

Top tip for the month: Reapply wetting agents! In warmer areas of Australia March is one of the hardest times for the garden after experiencing many months of hot dry weather.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs as there is still warmth around and rain to follow in a month or so. Mulch or top up mulch.

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Roses and Flowering Plants

Dead head roses and other flowering plants. Apply Sulphate of Potash around roses to build up their resistance to fungal diseases.

In cooler areas spring flowering bulbs can be planted, in warmer areas wait until next month and it is a good time to take cuttings from perennials.

Vegetables and Fruit

In temperate areas, plant the first of the potato crops for the season. Don’t use an area in the garden that has previously grown potatoes in the past 2 years.

It’s time to plant garlic. This bulb will develop its leaf growth over autumn and winter. The cloves then develop in spring before being harvested in November.

Fruit drop is a problem in hot weather. Control water stress by mulching around the base of the tree (remember to leave a 10cm gap around the trunk to reduce diseases and conserve good soil moisture). Use a good soil wetter to help water into dry soils.

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Lawn and Turf Maintenance

Put down organic soil if laying turf. Be sure to aerate the lawn and add some Ezi-Wet Soil Wetter to ensure your lawn stays hydrated. Top dress to improve your lawn after the damages of the hot summer.

Reduce lawn mowing and remove weeds manually or using a good weedkiller suitable for your lawn type.

Add lawn seed or lay new turf if needed.

General Garden Maintenance

  • Get rid of diseased material under plants as fungal diseases can set in
  • Spray fungicide before mildew gets in
  • Lift and divide if possible this will help going forward with fungal problems and growth
  • Dig and work clay soils as they will be dryer now, add gypsum and organics