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Gardening for February

February is the hottest month in the southern/temperate parts of Australia and it’s very dry out there, so water smartly to  keep your garden looking healthy but conserve our precious resource –  always water first thing in the morning with a nice, deep soak a couple of times a week. That is far more beneficial than frequent, short watering.

Keep your garden tidy and waterwise

Now is a good time to tidy up the garden. Preparing beds and patches now means that when autumn planting time arrives, your garden will be ready and waiting to be at its most productive. Remove old plants, clear weeds and improve your soil with some compost or manure.

Keep topping up mulch in hotter weather on your vegetable patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds. Apply Ezi-Wet soil wetter for improved watering as your garden soil will still struggle in this weather to absorb your water efficiently.

Roses and Flowering Plants

If you have deadheaded your roses or they are about to bloom again, give them a good feed. Treat black spot by spraying with some Richgro Mancozeb Plus Sulphur Fungicide. Throw away any diseased leaves – don’t use in compost.

This is also a good time to feed acid loving plants such as your azaleas and Camellias. Apply Ezi-Wet soil wetter for improved watering.

Prune geraniums to promote bushy growth and plant annuals such as pansies to add some vibrant colour to any garden. 

Fruit and Vegetables

Summer prune fruit trees. To achieve best results cut new green growth by half to maintain size. Feed your citrus trees and top up with a good quality mulch over roots, keeping clear of trunk.

Plant a passionfruit in summer so they have a chance to get established before the cold weather sets in.

Plant a crop of dwarf beans. They keep producing for months. Now you can plant early Winter vegies. Add a Soil wetter and apply lots of compost to retain moisture and get them off to the best start.

Lawn and Turf Maintenance

Lawns can suffer badly from fungal diseases at this time of year. Regular fertilising and the application of a soil wetter will keep your lawn healthy and better able to resist attacks. Control Lawn grubs with Richgro Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa.

Potted Gardens

Brighten up the alfresco area by multi planting large glazed pots full of foliage colour.

Become inspired with Bromeliads. These hardy plants are perfect potted plants surviving on very little water. They are also the easiest to grow indoor plants.

Find a cool shady tree to create a garden under. An eclectic collection of pots of different sizes always adds interest to the garden.

General Garden Maintenance Tips

  • Ants thrive in hot weather so use an effective insecticide such as Richgro Ant Killa.
  • Check your plants carefully for diseases and bugs. February is a month where plants can really start to suffer from disease and bugs are also very active.
  • To protect tender young seedlings in a heat wave, take a small branch from a tree or shrub and place beside small seedlings. The foliage will protect the seedlings.
  • Keep an eye on water gardens and ponds as with the hot weather, water levels can get quite low due to evaporation.