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Gardening for August

You can still get out and enjoy the garden in August with these handy hints and tips!

Roses and Flowering Plants

Aphids are feasting on soft new growth of roses and often a squirt with a hose is all that is needed to reduce the population. If they are still persistent apply Richgro Bug Killa to the base and water in. If you want a natural solution, spray Beat- A-Bug Natural Insect Spray regularly. Encourage ladybirds into the garden. They will feast on hundreds of Aphids.

Prune Azaleas and Camellias after main flowering. Check and treat Azalea Lace bug with Richgro Bug Killa and be sure to feed other acid loving plants. If you haven’t applied Ezi-Wet to your pots and garden do so now to maximise the last of the winter rains.

You can still prune plants, roses and deciduous trees and shrubs and it’s the perfect time to add a good organic based fertiliser. The nutrients will be available to plants when they need it.

Early spring bulbs start to flower now like Narcissus.

Plants and Pots

Time to re-pot any container plants, after winter as the soil can be tired and plants need a boost to get them growing in spring. Use a premium mix such as Richgro BLACK MARVEL Potting Mix to reduce stress. A small amount of fertiliser is a good idea too to add to pot plants.

There are many different pruning techniques; find out the best one for your plants to give you the best growth going forward. Any shrubs that have flowered over winter can be cut back now.

As the weather warms up divide Elkhorns and split Bromeliads when pups are 1/3rd the size of the original plant.


Prepare soil for spring planting and Plant and fertilise with an Organic Native fertiliser.

Fruit and Vegies

Remove any rotting or damaged fruit to reduce fruit fly and other pests. If you haven’t already done so, fertilise now. Use Richgro Fruit and Citrus Plus or add Sulphate of Potash. Ensure when adding fertiliser, try to add at drip line of the tree. Feeding all established fruit trees including citrus regularly throughout growing season is important for fruit production.

Spray Grapevines with Lime Sulphur, just as buds are swelling before the leaves appear; this prevents the spread of Leaf Blister Mite.

Add mulch, compost or manure to your garden and vegetable patch to give the garden plenty of nutrients in readiness for spring. Add some lime to Vegetable gardens to boost your pH in high acidic climates and soils.

Try planting some great winter vegetables such as Asparagus, Beetroot, Parsnip, Radishes, Spring Onion, and Snow Peas in time for Spring and Summer.

August is a perfect time to plant all herbs including Basil, Chives, Coriander, Oregano, Parsley, Mint, Rocket and Thyme to name a few.

Turf Maintenance Tips

One cut may be needed in warmer areas but raise the height of your lawn mower. If you have raised your mower already and your lawn is hard under foot, try aerating. This will help air and water and fertiliser to the roots. Later in the month a top dress may be needed. Remove any weeds now before they get out of control. It is a good to lay new lawn but make sure you get your soil right before laying by using a good organic soil conditioner or Bentonite Sand to Soil if you have sandy soils.

General Garden Maintenance Tips

  • Add mulch to the garden to keep the soil from drying out. If you haven’t applied Ezi-Wet to your pots and garden do so now to maximise the last of the winter rains.
  • Also organic based fertiliser helps to improve soil conditioning.
  • Check plants for collar rot, leaf curl, or any other diseases.
  • Planting shrubs that attract birds next to patio areas will reduce the spider and bug population in these areas. They are an instant food source for the birds.