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Gardening for April

Autumn is an underrated season as gardeners tend to put all their energy into Spring. However with heat still in the soil and moisture in the air, use the next few months to really spend time in your garden.

As the rains start to fall in cooler and temperate climates and your garden gets enough water you can focus on other tasks, such as preparing garden beds for spring. By making the best of the good Autumn days now, when Spring and Summer comes again your work in the garden will be that much easier!

Top tip for the month: With the first autumn rains comes the first crop of weeds. Spray with Richgro Natural Beat- A-Weed on a fine sunny day when seedlings are small. This Natural Glyphosate Free product will help save hours of work later in the year.

Trees & Shrubs

Feed existing shrubs and trees with Richgro PLUS Complete Fertiliser.

This month can be a great time for planting trees because trees really do require good amounts of water to take root. Planting now will give them plenty of sunny weather while still receiving some good rains. The milder weather is also perfect as the trees won’t experience sun damage before they have a root system strong enough to cope.

Roses and Flowering Plants

Feed roses with Richgro Black Marvel Premium Rose Food to ensure gorgeous autumn flowers. Fungal problems such as powdery mildew and blackspot tend to appear at this time of the year so use some Richgro Mancozeb Plus Sulphur Fungicide . Apply Sulphate of Potash for an extra boost.

Feed Gardenias and plant Camellias with PLUS Rose, Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser.

Plant new natives in April/May while feeding existing natives.

In warmer areas plant bulbs. If you are planning to leave bulbs in the ground year after year ensure Jonquils and Daffodils are planted at least 12-15cm deep. This is to keep them cool over the summer months.

Ground covers act as a living mulch. Many Grevilleas are ideal for this, they are hardy, fast growing and create a thick mat so the soil is shaded and weeds can’t germinate.

Vegetables and Fruit

Prepare new areas of winter vegies. Now is a great time to plant some wonderful vegies such as carrots, broad beans, beetroots, lettuce, peas, radish and spinach.

Don’t forget to give your existing vegetables a good feed heading into winter. Plant new citrus and control leaf miners and fruit fly.

Potted Plants

Large containers of Pansies or Violas will add some much needed colour to a garden in winter. Plant early in the season to benefit from a long flowering season.

Lawn and Turf Maintenance

Feed lawns and apply a soil wetter for improved watering and a stronger root system in winter to fight off weeds.

It is the perfect time to apply a weedkiller for lawns to stop the germination of the Bindii and the subsequent spike in spring.

General Garden Maintenance Tip

  • Plant everlasting seeds with the first rains to ensure spring flowering.