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Fertilising your plants can be a bit confusing as fertilisers come in many different forms and compositions. They all contain nutrients that your plant can use for growth, some are complete and have all the 16 nutrients and others are for specific needs such as fruit and flower, greener lawns or an obvious mineral deficiency. There are also solid and liquid fertilisers in both inorganic and organic so it can get a bit baffling to say the least.

I like to use Richgro Black Marvel Granular on all my plants as its nutrient content ensures my plants get all the stuff they need. The black colour that gives this fertiliser its name is actually Iron and this combined with the nitrogen content gives your plants that fresh from the nursery shiny green leaf. Not only does it make the leaves look great but it gives plants the exact nutrients they need to flower and therefore fruit to their maximum yield.

Liquid and solid fertilisers work in different ways. A solid fertiliser needs to be broken down with water and temperature to become available to your plants. Black Marvel for example won’t break down completely in one rain so the nutrients are present for the next time it rains … lasting for about 6-8 weeks. Slow release fertiliser like this are great for the time poor. Liquid fertilisers work differently as they are soluble they are ready for a plant to take up immediately by the roots and therefore give an instant effect.

As I love the effects of Richgro Black Marvel in the pelletized form I was so happy to find out its now available in liquid form and I’ve been trialing it for a few weeks now with great effects. Black Marvel Liquid fertiliser is not only taken up by the plants roots but by the leaves as well so it is really easy to apply, simply spray on the plant and allow the runoff to drip down to the roots. With liquid fertiliser its best to use a little more often as your plants can really maximize the nutrients and I still apply the liquid food as well as the pelletized version as the combination means your garden will really sing.

All liquid fertilisers are best applied at the time they’re actually needed, when the plant’s actively growing or when it’s flowering or fruiting. That way there’s little chance of the fertiliser leaching out and raising excessive nutrient levels in the soil.

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