Rock Minerals Fertiliser & Soil Improver

What are Rock Minerals?
It is a natural mineral product containing microbes and trace elements. Its use improves soil structure by building soil fertility and allowing the microbes to interact with the soil, capturing nutrients, increasing root growth and protecting from diseases.

Where do they come from?
This product is manufactured from natural materials that are friendly to the environment. Using volcanic bedrock located deep beneath the surface which has been covered by decaying soil and matter over time, it is gathered, prilled and impregnated with beneficial microbes. This is all manufactured in Australia with the minerals coming from
Queensland and blended and bagged in Western Australia.

What’s in them?
These minerals contain volcanic and sedimentary rock which are full of trace elements and minerals such as Boron (B), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) Cobalt (Co) and Molybdenum (Mo), vital for plant health and great for you as well. These Rock Minerals are great homes for Microbes. They have been impregnated with carbon into the Rock Mineral prills. Activated when wet, the Microbes work with the fertiliser and humates in the soil.

Difference between Rock Minerals and Rock Dust?
Lots of people are claiming that they can use rock dust, which is often left over crusher dust with little mineral value or from other places which has very little elemental value.
Rock Minerals are rock elements mined from Volcanic Base and Sedimentary rock. Whilst they are technically different, most people will consider the term the same and hence when asking for rock dust, they often mean Rock Minerals.

What are the benefits?
• Better soil rich in organics – The microbes work with the soil, creating strong root structures.
• Tougher plants better able to resist diseases
• More flowers and fuller thick and greener foliage and lawn
• Healthier looking plants

Have these been proven?
Actually for over 20 years these fertilisers have achieved outstanding results in turf growing and maintenance, intensive horticulture, broad acre farming, Amenity horticulture (councils) and home gardens.
Being pH Neutral they work in a number of different soils across Australia.

Can it be used on Natives?
Yes, 50gm per square metres.

Is it good for clay soil?
Yes, in fact it will help soils work better by holding the nutrients allowing the plant to take it up over time. Also the microbes will break down the clay slowly as the roots develop.

Gardening Solution:
Rock Minerals Fertiliser & Soil Improver

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