Premium Potting Mix

What does the Australian Standards logo on some potting mixes mean?
The logo was created by a peak non-government standards development body in Australia. It can only be applied to potting mixes that have been independently tested and certified as containing an appropriate mix of nutrients, in a suitable base material, to meet the needs of potted plants.

What is the difference between the red and black Australian Standards logo on potting mixes?
There are two ‘levels’ of certification for potting mixes- black and red StandardsMarks.
Black: denotes a ‘regular’ potting mix that will support plant growth, but may require the addition of particular fertilisers or other nutrient products from time to time, or depending on the species concerned.
Red: denotes a ‘premium’ potting mix that contains additional nutrients, in many cases eliminating the initial need for fertilisers or nutrients. Premium has a higher air-filled porosity (the percentage of its volume that is air). Premium has a higher water holding capacity (ability of the mix to hold water). Premium has a better wettability (ability of the mix to rewet). Premium has a better nitrogen drawdown Index (available nitrogen).

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Premium Potting Mix

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