Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller

Why should I try BEAT-A-WEED?
Because it will get rid of those weeds as effectively as any other weedkiller on the market and will do so without harming children, pets or the environment.

How does it work?
It works by dehydrating the plant burning it from the top down. Results are seen within hours if applied as directed with leaves browning and wilting.

What is it made of?
Natural actives acetic acid and sodium chloride, both harmless to animals and humans.

When will I see results?
Within hours if applied as directed.

Will it harm me?
It is natural, however we still recommend usual general safety precautions: wear rubber gloves and keep away from eyes.

Can I use it in my vegetable garden?
Yes, you can. But, be careful not to spray the leaves of your vegetables as they may get burnt. As BEAT-A-WEED is totally natural no harmful chemicals will be absorbed by the vegetables.

Will the weeds grow back?
BEAT-A-WEED completely dehydrates the weeds from the root up eliminating any chance of regrowth when applied as directed.

Why should I switch from my current brand?
Because BEAT-A-WEED will work as effectively if not better. It is not poisonous like the chemical based weedkillers and is also not detrimental to the environment.  BEAT-A-WEED is now available in 3L Powerspray & 1L Concentrate forms.

Gardening Solution
Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller

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