Lawn Feed As You Weed

What is the difference between the liquid and granular formula?
The liquid is a chemical based formula whereas the granular only contains iron sulphate as an active ingredient. While they both act as a fertiliser as well as a weed killer, the liquid formula has a much broader range of application but is also more lethal.

Can Lawn Feed as you Weed be used on Buffalo lawns?
The granular formula – yes. But, NOT the liquid formula.

How long after application of the “granular” formula can you start mowing the lawn?
Approximately 7-10 days.

How long must we stay away from the lawn after applying the “granular” formula?
It is imperative to leave the lawn untouched for 2 days and then to water in.

Why leave for two days before watering in the “granular” formula?
So that the iron sulphate can work above the lawn and burn the weeds.

Is the “granular” formula toxic?
It is not toxic as such, but because of the high iron sulphate content (25%) it is hazardous and precautions should be taken as per directions on the bag.

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Lawn Feed As You Weed