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Grow Your Own vegies in 3 simple steps:


1.PLANT your vegies with the NEW RICHGRO GROW BAG

Growing your own food is in the bag with Richgro’s new Grow Bag. Just plant straight into the bag! Ideal for small spaces and raised garden beds, the Richgro Grow Bag provides the ideal growing medium for tomatoes, vegetables and fruit such as strawberries, capsicums, chilies, peas, cucumbers and beans, eggplants, herbs and salad greens. Plant seeds or seedlings directly into the 25L bag and watch them thrive.

Water regularly and feed with Liquid fertiliser to help boost growth after 6-8 weeks to get the best crop to your table.


2.FEED with the NEW BLACK MARVEL Tomato & Vegetable Liquid fertiliser.

NEW Richgro BLACK MARVEL Tomato & Vegetable Food is perfect for all your vegetables and will help them to grow really strong. As vegetables have a short growing season, Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable liquid fertiliser is high in nitrogen and potash to produce plentiful vegetables plus added Iron and trace elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.

Apply every 1-2 weeks during the growing season for great results.



3.CONTROL any nasty and destructive pests naturally with RICHGRO Beat-a-Bug!

Insects love vegies. Using Richgro Beat-A-Bug Spray will help protect your crop as it contains all-natural ingredients like Pyrethrum to help knock the insects down. It also contains Chilli and Garlic which help to repel the insects. A good habit is to spray every 10-14 days. Spray in the morning and afternoon and not whilst in flower, this will help protect the beneficial insects.

Being a natural product it’s completely safe to use on all your edible plants, you just need to wait 24 hours after spraying before you harvest and of course you need to wash your vegies before enjoying them.


For more easy growing tips visit our how to grow pages or download our garden App!

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