Richgro Commercial Division has been at the service of the horticultural, landscape and garden maintenance industries since 1970. The division specialises in the supply of quality bulk growing media, fertilisers and a broad range of horticultural products.

_MG_0068Operating from its ideally located site in Jandakot, this division is managed by staff highly qualified in Horticulture, specialist soils and growing media ensuring you of the best advice on products and services at all times.

All growing media and soil amendments are subject to our strict quality control procedures which are managed through our on site Laboratory, this is your guarantee that the end product is of the best standard and the results above your expectations.

_MG_0082Richgro is also a NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) Accredited Growing Media Supplier, assuring customers that the products they buy have been produced under industry recognised best management practices and are free from plant pathogens.

Whether you are a horticultural grower, landscaper, lawn mowing contractor, garden maintenance contractor you will find what you need at our Jandakot Trade Centre.




Bulk specialist soil blends and growing media: These mixes can be designed specifically based on your plant requirements and with the right nutritional balance or we can provide you with one of our existing mixes from a vast range of tried and tested blends. Mixes for vegetables, natives, seedlings, established plants, trees and turf. All products comply with Australian Standards and tested in our laboratory.

Professional Mulches: All our mulches go through a strict composting process and are full of healthy microbes and minerals. Jungle mulch, Karri and Peat mulch and Sandgroper mulch (priced as fully pasteurised) are all certifed against pests and disease. Pinebark, hardwood and organic water saving mulches are available in bags, bulka bags or bulk – (loose).

Commercial Soil Conditioners: Our quality soil conditioners use all types of raw materials ranging from pinebark, peat, sand, gin gin loam, composted organics, manures, gypsum and clay as well fertilisers added on request. Specific uses on turf, garden beds, trees and shrubs planting and native areas to improve soil structure, water and fertiliser retention as well as improving the organics, microbes and minerals in the soil. Read up on our New Improved Native Plant Mix perfect for local conditions.

TestingPlant Protection Range: A complete range of  insecticides, herbicides and fungicides for maximum crop protection

Organic mediums: such as Canadian Peat, Perlite and Vermiculite (available in bales).

IBDU range: Quality Slow release Nitrogen ideal as a solution to Nitrogen Drawdown.

Laboratory Testing Services: Soil, water, plant tissue , pathogens testing and more. Click here for more information.


The Richgro Trade Centre also supplies Growers products from leading companies in the industry such as:

  • Everris fertilisers
  • Seasol Commercial Range

For more information on the complete range of  Commercial Products, please contact our friendly staff at the Richgro Trade Centre (08) 6258 7194 or