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With Christmas around the corner, you may be having Christmas lunch, Boxing Day nibbles and even New Year’s Celebrations at your house. Perhaps just the neighbours popping in to say hello. To have your garden looking its best this Festive season, here are some tips to impress your invited (and uninvited) guests this December with a stunning garden!

Christmas Garden Preparation Checklist

1. Garden

Dead head any flowering plants such as Roses and annuals to encourage them to bloom again. In the case of annuals, if they are really at their end, replace them with new plants to ensure your garden is bright and colourful for the big day. If you have not done so already, mulch to prepare for the hot weather ahead and to also reduce weeds and to just make the garden look fresh! Don’t forget an application of a soil wetter. Richgro Ezi-Wet is ideal, this will ensure the garden is hydrated and ready for the hot months ahead.

2. Lawns

Lift the mower height. This will give the lawn a little extra surface area to retain moisture and protect the soil beneath from the hot sun. A light dressing of lawn food and the application of a weed killer (if weeds or bindii are present) will ensure the lawn stays at its best. If you have dry patches in the lawn an application of Ezi-Wet will fix that. Keep an eye out for lawn grubs and beetles that become active this time of the year.

3. Pots and Hanging Baskets

Lots of colour around your house and patio look great during Christmas so make sure all your plants are well fed. Charlie Carp is ideal as a liquid fertiliser.

Make sure water is penetrating into the soil.  To check just dig into the top 50mm of the soil on top of the pot and also check the sides to ensure the potting mix is not dry, if it is, apply a soil wetter.

4. Vegetable Gardens and Fruit & Citrus

By now your tomatoes and vegetables should be looking good and your lemon trees should be showing early signs of fruit. This is now the time to keep an eye out for pests. If you have caterpillars or moths on your plants, an application of Beat A Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray will deal with them! Also keep feeding your crops, a little and often is the ideal way to go.

Other tips

  • Don’t forget to check your reticulation. If you have sprinklers, those can block up or stop working altogether and it’s not until the weather gets hot that you will notice. By then it’s too late!
  • Ants are very active this time of year so a good dose of Richgro Ant Killa, especially in path areas where ants can be very annoying, will take care of them. Top tip, once sprinkled onto pathways water in the Ant Killa as this will ensure it gets down deep into the ants’ nests. Also, in that way, children or pets do not pick it up on their feet!


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