Fertilising Tips For Your Garden By Charlie Albone

Fertilising your plants can be a bit confusing as fertilisers come in many different forms and compositions. They all contain nutrients that your plant can use for growth, some are complete and have all the 16 nutrients and others are for specific needs such as fruit and flower, greener lawns or an obvious mineral deficiency. […]


MEDIA RELEASE 2nd September 2019 • Richgro expands popular Black Marvel premium plant food range • Fast-acting iron, high nitrogen levels and a potash boost delivered in liquid form gives plants a rapid boost Whether you’re yearning for abundant and aromatic fruit trees or bigger and brighter blooms a new secret weapon is hitting shelves around the […]

Getting Ready For Spring By Charlie Albone

Spring is a fantastic time in the garden. It is also a time when things can easily get away from you so I suggest starting your spring gardening campaign with a blast and use these 5 handy hints to give your garden a good old fashioned spring clean.   Pesky Weeds Start by pulling out […]

Richgro debuts new Organics brand

MEDIA RELEASE 28th February 2019 Autumn 2019 will see the launch of Richgro Organics, a fully certified, 100% organic line of fertilisers formulated to meet the needs of Aussie gardeners. Having reformulated its popular Mega-Booster range, Richgro is making it easier than ever for environmentally conscious gardeners to nurture their veggie patches, lawns and garden […]

Beating The Summer Heat by Charlie Albone

Beating the heat in the summer is all about timing – you need to be up early and taking advantage of the light evenings, keeping out of the sun in the middle of the day. The heat in January not only knocks us about but has an effect on the garden and plants too. Keeping […]

Controlling Those Summer Pests by Charlie Albone

When pawing through garden design books, Instagram and Pinterest as well as all other forms of inspiration, it appears the beautiful gardens and vegetable patches around the world live in a pest free zone. Let me tell you, this most certainly is not the case!  Every garden gets pests; but a varied management plan is […]

Charlie’s Summer Gardening Tips

I love gardening in the summer months, I’m up early when its cool and can stay in the garden late with the sun still high in the sky. I’m not out there all day though as I normally lounge around in the house or under the shaded pergola to beat the energy sapping heat of […]

TV Garden Expert And Richgro Sow Seeds Of Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: 19th NOVEMBER 2018 Richgro and TV horticulture expert Charlie Albone are joining forces, and the country’s gardens are set to benefit! Albone, best known as co-host of Foxtel’s much-loved Selling Houses Australia, is a passionate landscape designer and has been winning over audiences for more than a decade with practical advice on improving outdoor […]


PRESS RELEASE: 31ST OCTOBER 2018 A.Richards Pty Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the New Richgro Landscape & Commercial Division. This division was formed through the merger of Amazon Soils and Richgro’s Commercial Division. Amazon Soils and Landscaping Supplies was acquired by Richgro in 2004. They are a major supplier of quality soils, mulches […]

Protect Your Vegetables

Growing your own fresh vegetables is great way to control how “pure” your produce is. Home grown vegetables taste wonderful and are easy to grow. Unfortunately, they also taste wonderful to a large array of pests that can destroy your whole vegie garden. With the warmer weather, pests will start to become more active and feed on […]

How to Grow Healthy Roses

Roses are very easy to look after and are extremely drought resistant, living for many years if their health is maintained. Roses require full sun (six-hours a day to really thrive) and excellent drainage. While basic soil conditions will support the growth of most roses, their health and vigour are greatly improved by the addition […]

Growing Citrus

Citrus of all sorts are such good plants for any garden and not only as they are covered in delicious and easy to use fruit, but because they provide year-round interest. Citrus are heavy feeders and need lots to drink. The key to success is heat on their leaves and cool roots in the summer […]

Eight Summer Garden Survival Tips

The Australian garden is always at risk of wilting in summer, and steps have to be taken to ensure that your garden survives the heat and is ready to transition into autumn. This is especially so for the south of the country, where the heat can take the moisture out of the plants and flowers […]

Gardening with Rock Minerals

The soils found around volcanoes are packed full of fertility with minerals that can give the most productive soil and amazing plant growth. In Australia volcanoes are extinct but the soils around them are very much alive. We can now get the same fertile volcanic soil in our very own garden with Rock Minerals now available in […]