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Welcome to Richgro – Australia’s trusted supplier of quality garden products since 1916. We help Australians sow their gardening dreams, whether it’s planting a colourful flowerbed, growing a patch full of tasty vegetables, or getting your lawn back in shape.

Explore our range of quality garden products, designed in Australia for harsh Aussie conditions. From organic fertilisers to soil mixes to weed control, you’ll find everything you need for a flourishing garden at Richgro!

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Let us help you grow your best fruit, veg, flowers and more.
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Diagnose any problem in your garden and find the appropriate solution.
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Get inspired to create your special green space whether it be indoors or outdoors.
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What To Do In Your Garden
This Month

May is a special month for Mothers as we celebrate Mother’s day! A real favourite with our lovely mums are flowers so why not spoil your own with a big pot filled with beautiful flowers and ‘other goodies’ for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. All you need to start is a good potting mix such as Richgro BLACK MARVEL Potting Mix and whatever you will plant will grow beautifully.

Top tip: Weeding is the most hated job on the gardening calendar. Apply a thick layer of natural mulch to smother out small weed seedlings.

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We can make your Garden Happier!


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At the service of Australian gardeners since 1916, Richgro is passionate about bringing gardens to life.
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Our Sustainability Journey - Towards Zero Waste

Waste diverted: 150,077 tonnes
Electricity generated: 49.724 gigawatts

Follow our sustainability journey with our zero waste countdown, calculating the waste Richgro has diverted from landfill and turned into clean energy for a better future.

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Explore our huge range of garden supplies

Need some high-quality organic mulch for your flowerbed? Or what about some fertiliser for your citrus trees? Richgro’s range of gardening products is comprehensive. We’ve got everything you need to get your garden looking lush.

Fertilisers and plant food

Keep your plants well-fed so that they grow up healthy and strong. Richgro has developed the best formulas for fertilisers across a range of plants, from roses and flowers to lawns and natives.
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Soil and potting mixes

Soil is the foundation of your garden. Just like you wouldn’t build a home on weak foundation, you shouldn’t grow plants in poor-quality soil. Richgro’s soil and potting mixes increase the nutrients, moisture content and oxygen flow in your soil, making for some very happy and healthy plants. Our soil and potting mixes are custom-made for every type of plant, whether you’re growing citrus trees or vegetables.
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Pest and disease control

Protect your precious plants with the help of Richgro’s range of pest and disease control products. Our products offer effective, long-term results, preventing many common pests and diseases from attacking your garden.
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Weed control

Don’t get worked up over weeds. Handle them with confidence, thanks to Richgro’s highly effective weed control range. Offering powerful weedkillers as well as natural-based products, we help your lawn flourish and fend off those unwanted weeds.
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Organic and natural products

Want to grow your garden the organic way? We’ve got you covered… naturally! Our range of organic and natural products includes fertilisers, composts, soil mixes and more.
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Water-wise gardening supplies

Water is one of the earth’s most precious resources. Using our water-wise gardening supplies helps to conserve water, but it also leads to a healthier garden. From quality natural mulches to soil wetting agents, these products keep your plants well-hydrated while using less water.
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Why choose Richgro’s premium gardening products?

  • Proudly Australian owned and family operated over four generations 
  • Broad range of quality garden products
  • Designed for tough Australian conditions
  • Stocked nationally in most major gardening and hardware stores
  • Natural and organic products available

Richgro is Australia’s leader in quality gardening products. For the best results in your garden, check out our Where to Buy feature to find your nearest Richgro stockist. Enjoy a greener, healthier garden with the quality range of products at Richgro.