How to Use: Lawn Feed as you Weed

feed_as_you_weed range

GRANULAR: Situation: Grass, lawns including Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo and Ryegrass Weeds controlled: Dandelions, Flatweeds, Thistles and other broadleef weeds. Rate: Apply 1kg over  15 square metres How to apply: Apply at monthly intervals. Spread evenly and accurately. Apply in dry form during dry, mild weather. Leave for two days then water thoroughly. The lawn may become dark for a few days, but it will recover.


  • Ensure that this material does not come in contact with paths, driveways, bricks or patios as staining will occur.
  • To avoid staining of yourself, wear suitable clothes and gloves when applying
  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or chemicals to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds.

HOSE ON LIQUID: Situation:Lawns and turf (except Buffalo) Weeds controlled: Bindii, Capeweed, clover, creeping oxalis, cudweed, dandelion, docks, lamb’s tongue, (plaintain), thistles, wireweed. Rate: Apply the contents of the pack (2L) over 130 square metres. How to apply: Apply to actively growing weeds. This product can be safely used on bent, Queensland blue couch, couch, carpet, ryegrass, fescue, and kentucky blue grass.


  • Do not apply if rain is expected or under windy conditions
  • Do not allow spray to make contact with foliage or roots of shrubs, flowers, trees or vegetables
  • Do not fertilise or mow 7 days before or after application
  • Do not use on dichondra, lippia, strawberry clover or buffalo lawns or lawn less than 3 months old. DO NOT use on instant lawn until six weeks after laying.  Not recommended for kikuyu lawns.
  • DO NOT use grass clippings which have been treated with this product to mulch plants or to feed poultry or livestock
  • DO NOT use this container for any other purpose
  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains or sewers, streams or ponds.