- Beat-A-Weed is a wonderful product…


Beat-A-Weed is a wonderful product and worth every gardener to try.  Once you have used it, you will be amazed at how quickly and well it performs. The battery powered trigger makes it easy and quick to use, no pump pump pumping!  Beat-A-Weed does beat the weed problems in the back yard.”

Jillian Coomb AIH, Horticultural Media Association – Queensland


“The ‘Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller’ works really well and being ‘safe’ was again a product that I could use with my dog in mind. I do like the smell of it, vinegary, as it is a lovely reminder of fish and chips with vinegar. I have used the trigger pack happily but the battery powered spray pack is even better.

I have recommended  to my family and some colleagues.”

Leigh Siebler, Horticultural Media Association President 


I used a Beat-A-Weed 3L Powerspray and put it through a test on a number of weeds, which are problems in my area.  It proved effective on Ageratum, Dandelion, Euphorbia Prostrata, Portulaca and Young Cobblers Pegs. Unfortunately, it had little effect on Flick Weed and Tropical Chick Weed.  

I was interested to note that on the paved area, where I tested it for the Euphorbia, mildew staining was cleaned off and the moss knocked back.  I have recommended it to several clients, who have issues with Euphorbia Weeds. These weeds go to seed very young and will still produce seed for about a week after spraying with systemic herbicides. The fast knock down of Beat-A-Weed has proven effective in clearing up a problem.  I also found it effective for controlling emergent weeds in my vegetable garden.”

Tohm Hajncl, Horticultural Media Association – Queensland, Sunshine Coast Landscaper


“I want to just to congratulate the clever person who has developed the battery powered weed killer sprayer for this FANTASTIC product (Beat-A-Weed).  It is the best thing EVER and now it is battery operated, which saves me from triggering so much!!! WELL DONE!.”

Margaret from Ferndale, WA


- Black Marvel is just MARVELLOUS!


Richgro’s Black Marvel is just MARVELLOUS! Within 2 weeks of using it on my roses, I saw a complete transformation from my small miniature roses to blooming marvellous roses. I also used this wonderful product on my azaleas and they have never bloomed better. Truly a great product. I won’t use any other product from now on besides the Black Marvel as I have seen such great results.”

Alleena, Orchard Hills NSW


”I have been using black marvel rose food over the last season on all my roses. My plants have never looked healthier since using this product despite the use of other rose products. I have over 200 plants and am looking to buy a larger quantity of the product.  Many thanks. Love the product.”

Chrissie, Katoomba NSW


“I shared the Richgro’s Black Marvel Premium Rose Food with my neighbour whose roses struggled to flower in previous years.  They blossomed with flowers prolifically for the first time in many years using the Black Marvel.  Thank you Richgro!”

Valerie Zwart, Horticultural Media Association – Queensland


“Black Marvel worked particularly well on my David Austin Roses. Growth was good as was flowering and I believe disease-resistance. 

One side benefit of Black Marvel was the lack of odour, so our dog was not attracted to it nor did he try to eat it as he has done with some other fertilisers.

I have recommended to my family and some colleagues.”

Leigh Siebler, Horticultural Media Association President 

- I would like to thank and congratulate you on your great product – Complete Plus Premium Fertiliser

“Hi Richgro, I would like to thank and congratulate you on your great product (Complete web_image_completePlus Premium Fertiliser).  My wife Kate and I were having little success on our new vegetable garden so I made a garden bed, added a layer of compost then soil and plenty of your complete fertiliser … to the radish that previously didn’t grow.  If you look at the picture you can imagine our delight…”

Patrick Hogbin, Happy Customer

- Richgro’s Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa has worked brilliantly – Hose On


hose_on_img“Richgro’s Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa has worked brilliantly.  As seen on my photo, it has killed most of the beetles on my lawn within 2 days.  Thank you Richgro for producing such a high quality product.” 

Mrs Buriani, Sydney