Organic Sheep Manure

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Organic Sheep Manure

Sheep Manure for Sale from Perth’s Leading Supplier

Manure has been used in gardens for centuries as an organic fertiliser and as a very effective organic mulch. The addition of this manure to your soil will assist in retaining moisture, will promote the efficient use of any fertiliser present and will condition the soil.

The benefits of using sheep manure on your garden

Sheep manure is slow release and will help your plants develop strong roots. This in turn aids in protection against diseases and pests, allowing them to become vibrant and productive. It also is a low odour manure, making it ideal for residential use and as a top dress for flower and garden beds.

Sheep manure is also safe for use on vegetable gardens. It is all natural and ideal for giving your fruit, vegetables, as well as flowers, the nutrients they need to flourish.

Based in Perth with a range of products for all Australian conditions

The Richgro range is based on many years of development, with research across the country to ensure our products are suitable for all of Australia’s climates. We take pride in having almost 100 years of experience helping people bring their outdoor spaces to life with vibrant flowers, delicious vegetables, and productive fruit trees.

Contact us and find out more about our entire range

Our team have a vast range of knowledge across all our products for roses, vegetables, fruit trees, and more, as well as about gardening in general. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements and discover how our products can help you achieve your garden ambitions. Call our Perth-based team on (08) 6258 7100, or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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