Beat A Weed Natural Weedkiller

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Beat A Weed Natural Weedkiller

Richgro Natural BEAT-A-WEED is a fast acting weedkiller made of natural actives. It works by dehydrating the unwanted plants, burning it from the top down. Results are seen as browning and wilting of the plant and can be seen within hours of application (apply as directed for optimum results).


  • Natural actives - acetic acid/vinegar and sodium chloride/salt
  • Fast acting -results within hours
  • Controls weeds, moss, algae


Ready -to-use formula - Actives: 90g/L Acetic Acid, 40g/L Sodium Chloride

Concentrate formula - Actives: 270g/L Acetic Acid, 120g/L Sodium Chloride

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