Rock Mineral Fertiliser & Soil Improver

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Rock Mineral Fertiliser & Soil Improver

A natural slow release non leaching fertiliser which stimulates microbial activity essential to soil and plant health and vitality. It releases trace elements to create strong healthy plants that are better guarded against plant diseases. It contains Australian volcanic mineral and rock phosphorus to achieve natural, organic growth.

What are Rock Minerals?

Rock Minerals (also known as Rock Dust) are a natural, mineral fertiliser made from specific rock types that contain trace elements essential to healthy plant growth. It is also an ideal soil improver as it contains beneficial microbes, captures nutrients and improves soil health.


  • Organic boost - beneficial microbes
  • Slow release - 3 months feed
  • Soil structure improver
  • Tougher plants better able to resist diseases and insect attacks
  • More flowers, greener leaves and better fruit and vegetables




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