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Black Marvel Premium Rose Food
A premium Rose Food that is more than just your average fertiliser. It is a premium high analysis rose booster that will deliver amazing… View Details »
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Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser
Charlie Carp is an environmentally-friendly fertiliser produced from European Carp which are devastating our rivers and water systems.It is a… View Details »
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Iron Sulphate
Helps overcome iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can be damaging to plants causing the tissue between the leaf veins to become yellow, while the veins… View Details »
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Mega Booster Complete Garden Organic Fertiliser
An organic mega booster for your garden including vegetable garden. It contains the best of organic plant boosters: Natural Potash, Blood and Bone,… View Details »
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Mega Booster Natural Potash
A fertiliser high in Potassium that will quickly boost the growth of quality fruit and colourful flowers. It will also make your plants stronger and… View Details »
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Mega Booster Nitrogen Organic Fertiliser
A fertiliser high in Nitrogen that will quickly increase plants’ yield and add lots of leafy green growth. It is made of blood meal which is a… View Details »
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Mega Booster Phosphorus Organic Fertiliser
Made of Guano Phosphorus, a rich organic fertiliser high in Phosphorus that promotes vigorous root growth and intense flowering and fruiting. It is… View Details »
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Mega Booster Rose, Gardenia, Azalea and Camellia Organic Fertiliser
An organic mega booster that guarantees faster growth and bigger and healthier roses and flowers including acid-loving plants. It contains the best… View Details »
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PLUS Rose, Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser
A high quality blend that encourages colourful, healthy blooms and strong plant growth in roses and other flowering shrubs. Features: Added trace… View Details »
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Rock Mineral Fertiliser & Soil Improver
A natural slow release non leaching fertiliser which stimulates microbial activity essential to soil and plant health and vitality. It releases trace… View Details »
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Sulphate of Potash
The addition of Sulphate of Potash at pruning, early Spring and Autumn, will thicken cell walls and strengthen stems of the plant to help guard… View Details »
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Super Phosphate (High Phosphorus)
Richgro Superphosphate is a fertiliser rich in phosphorous that promotes healthy and vigourous root systems in all plants. It encourages successful… View Details »
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Australia’s Most Effective Fertilisers For Roses

Feeding your plants is important to keep them healthy and strong. Roses require extra care to ensure big, beautiful blooms, bold colours, and strong, disease-free bushes. Picking the right rose fertiliser doesn’t have to be complicated, and whichever Richgro product you choose, you are assured of the highest quality and effectiveness.


Caring for your roses doesn’t require too much specialist knowledge to keep them healthy and happy. Just a few simple steps will help you to keep them looking their best.
  • Watering – Roses need to be watered in hot, dry weather and the frequency depends on how hot, how dry, and the type of soil. A deep soaking every seven to ten days will be sufficient for the majority of dry weather conditions. The water should be applied directly to the soil, not over the whole plant as this can increase problems with disease.
  • Fertilizing – It is recommended that rose fertiliser is applied every 3 months up until winter to ensure robust plants. It is important to apply in early spring after pruning, during the first bloom period, and then in mid-summer.
  • Deadheading – This process is designed to encourage growth on re-flowering bushes and involves the removal of faded and dead flowers.


The Richgro range is based on many years of research and development, with formulas designed for Australia’s varying climates. From the hot and dry, to the very humid, we have something for every garden across the country, regardless of whether you are growing roses, vegetables, citrus and fruit trees, or just want the best lawn possible.

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