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Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser
Charlie Carp is an environmentally-friendly fertiliser produced from European Carp which are devastating our rivers and water systems.It is a… View Details »
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Cresco Fully Granulated Lawn Fertiliser (WA only)
The Cresco brand of products has been available since 1873 when it was first established as the premier brand of lawn, garden and horticultural… View Details »
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Extra Green Lawn Food
A fast acting, phosphate-free lawn fertiliser that has been formulated using totally soluble nutrients. This gives you a faster result and a great… View Details »
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Lawn Feed as you Weed
Helps control broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelions, thistles and flat weeds. At the same time, it acts as a lawn fertiliser, promoting healthy,… View Details »
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Mega Booster Complete Garden Organic Fertiliser
An organic mega booster for your garden including vegetable garden. It contains the best of organic plant boosters: Natural Potash, Blood and Bone,… View Details »
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Mega Booster Natural Potash
A fertiliser high in Potassium that will quickly boost the growth of quality fruit and colourful flowers. It will also make your plants stronger and… View Details »
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Mega Booster Nitrogen Organic Fertiliser
A fertiliser high in Nitrogen that will quickly increase plants’ yield and add lots of leafy green growth. It is made of blood meal which is a… View Details »
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Mega Booster Phosphorus Organic Fertiliser
Made of Guano Phosphorus, a rich organic fertiliser high in Phosphorus that promotes vigorous root growth and intense flowering and fruiting. It is… View Details »
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Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker
Gypsum Clay Breaker helps improve the physical condition of heavy clay soils. Soil particles are brought together into clumps, thus enabling better… View Details »
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Sulphate of Ammonia (High Nitrogen)
Richgro Sulphate of Ammonia is a fertiliser rich in nitrogen, that stimulates and promotes leaf growth in all plants, especially leaf crop… View Details »
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Sulphate of Potash
The addition of Sulphate of Potash at pruning, early Spring and Autumn, will thicken cell walls and strengthen stems of the plant to help guard… View Details »
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Urea (Soluble Nitrogen)
Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer for Lawns Nitrogen is vital for plant growth and it is taken from the soil in mineral form. It is then converted to plant… View Details »
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Put Your Best Lawn Forward With Quality Organic Fertiliser

Regardless of how large or small your garden, there is nothing quite like the impact lush, green grass has. It adds value to your property and gives it a great aesthetic quality that a poorly maintained or patchy lawn can’t match. Even if you don’t want a bowling green for a front yard, investing in a high-quality lawn fertiliser will help create a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours, and something you will love to walk barefoot on.


Get the best from your grass with the Richgro range. Each product has had years of research and development, ensuring it is the best it can be and will give lawns the nourishment they need. Whether you are growing a new lawn from scratch, need to patch repair your current one, or need to maintain your pride and joy, we have something to suit every need.


To have it ready for summer, you need to start feeding your lawn in spring. This will ensure it looks green and lush, as well as make it stronger and more resistant to disease, moss, patchiness, and weeds. Starting early will help to grab a good foothold and be prepared to withstand a summer’s worth of cricket, football, running, rolling, jumping and skidding. Grass requires a different type of organic fertiliser from other plants and it needs one that is specially designed to encourage leaf growth. If you’re looking to make your lawn all it can be, make the right choice and feed yours with the Richgro range. Formulated to deliver exceptional results in a variety of climates and terrains, our collection of products has helped to beautify thousands of hectares of grass across the country.

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